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adidas Crazy Light 2 Low Jeremy Lin PE’s

As we all know, Jeremy Lin signed with adidas – which still has yet to be officially announced – and with that he will be getting his own PE versions of adidas performance models.

These two small teaser shots indicate that Lin may wear the Crazy Light 2 Low with PE branding on the heel, much like Ricky Rubio. We can see two different styled away colorways and thats pretty much all we have right now. Nothing too special and like I said before when we first heard of the acquisition… I don’t think Lin will be a signature athlete but we should see him in plenty of PE’s.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

adidas Crazy Light 2 Low Jeremy Lin PE's 2

adidas Crazy Light 2 Low Jeremy Lin PE's 3

Via _justalifestyle

  1. I had imagined J Lin hooping in those DRose 773 II since D Lillard is already maturing into somekind of D Rose stand in. Just sayin.

  2. Are You Going To Do A Performance REview On These Nightwing ? IF They Release ? And Are They Even GOING To Release ?

  3. I know it’s a teaser, but this is pretty weak “J LIN 7” and the placement of it … that will be scuffed out pretty quickly.

  4. Opinion is well respected, but is the players’ decision to choose which brand to endorse.
    It is valid whether this endorsement was for money or just decided to switch it up.
    Certainly though, his Nike PE Logo is better than his Adidas PE logo

  5. Adidas should give him a signature shoe and called it the Crazy Lin 1. I think its quite fitting with his nickname Linsanity!!!

  6. OMG… I am not really fit in the cushion system setting up by Adidas in Basketball… good luck to Jeremy…

    another thing, when will Adidas use the boost system in Basketball shoes?

  7. WHO CARES? Lin is good and now he gets a uber small Cattle type branding on the mid sole. How lame can you get. Better off with a KRINK K-42 tagging the shoe yourself.

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