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adidas Crazy 97 EQT Elevation ‘Slam Dunk Contest’ – Available Now

If you’ve been in the market for the adidas Crazy 97 (EQT Eleavtion) in the classic Slam Dunk Contest colorway then you’re in luck as PickYourShoes.com has a full size run in stock and they ship internationally for those of you off shore.

If you’ve seen their Performance Review then you already know whats up with these guys.

adidas Crazy 97 EQT Elevation 'Slam Dunk Contest' - Available Now 1

adidas Crazy 97 EQT Elevation 'Slam Dunk Contest' - Available Now 2

adidas Crazy 97 EQT Elevation 'Slam Dunk Contest' - Available Now 3

adidas Crazy 97 EQT Elevation 'Slam Dunk Contest' - Available Now 4

adidas Crazy 97 EQT Elevation 'Slam Dunk Contest' - Available Now 5

  1. This must be the blueprint they used when they made the adidas real deal they look so comfortable but so ugly because one side is ridiculous but cool and the other side is so bland i mean what happened did they run out of money while producing this i love me some crazy 8’s but this is crazy lol maybe its just me however i am aware that they perform great if they are anything like the crazy 8s the traction looks more aggressive as well

  2. Nightwing, I’ve asked this before in another thread – what do you think of the Adidas Real Deal? I’m not asking you to do a review on the shoe (all that stuff is completely up to you), just curious if you think it is a good shoe?

  3. please watch how Rose got injuried closely, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwIiDYj7rwU he hop step and landed on his “heel” on both feet prepared for the second jump. so please stop saying we dont land on our heel , what if the shoe he wore absorb impact just a little bit better things might be different?please stop saying low profile Cushion is good for playing basketball. “low profile setups as its more natural for your foot & body” that’s just shoe company try to sell you their shoes when u find out why it’s so “thin” .
    kickgenius said in their D Rose 773 2 performance test “773 2 provides less impact protection for moves that involve a lot of force.” which was the exact move that Rose got injuried !
    Nightwing all i am saying is ” do we need to built ourself up so we can good to play in some so called ” low profiled shoe?” does D Rose not built up enough? does Tre not built up enough to wear that shoe to feel comfortable to make that move? or we just have to say thin bottom”very low profile” shoes is just not good for basketball play . i have nothing against you NW ,i am a big fan of your site(best shoes site in the world period) but i just dont want people keep getting hurt wearing their low profile shoes (i got 3 friends recently got hurt really bad wearing these)

    1. Ive said the same thing in the Crazyquick review. Its low profile and player that require more cushion might want something else. Ill tell you right now, dont tell me not to say anything bc my statements are based on facts. I know shoes and tech better than most so dont misinterpret things. Go look up what it takes to tear your meniscus – ive done it before and it has nothing to do with heel landings, only force and speed upon impact. Learn some things before speaking. That is why i do what i do. I educate ppl on products and their own bodies, nothing less than that is what you receive. Choose not to listen and lean and thats not my fault. Low profile is more natural. We were not born with shoes. You can believe what you want but your friends have sloppy footwork which is why they were injured. Dont come here and try to preach uneducated nonsense. It wont go over very well.

    2. Additionally, the heel portion of adidas and every other shoe made has an abundance of cushion in the heel which automatically dismisses every single thing you said. Read and watch my reviews if youd like to learn real facts.

      1. kickgenius said in their D Rose 773 2 performance test “773 2 provides less impact protection for moves that involve a lot of force” so you disagree with him? tons of people land on their heel when playing basketball even LBj does it all the time. take your statement to Tre and LBJ they are the one disagree with you not me. i am just a abserver

        1. I said to go back and check my reviews. Ive said the same exact thing for those that wish to have more cushion and that this setup is best for grounded players. Not sure why you are trying to claim that i am calling ppl stupid – thats you talking not me. Its clear that you cannot comprehend things clearly as Ive said the same as Tre only difference is that I said it first. Zoom air is a liw profile setup and thats why it was invented. As is lunarlon and all other foam cushions. You should learn about the tech – its what i teach people – so that you can know and understand things better instead of trying to start fights and put words in ppls mouths. Im not going to argue with a kid that refuses to learn… Its not conducive. Go check my reviews, the ones that released before any other reviews, you can also read through the performance teasers as well and see for yourself. Everything is dated so youll know that my information came before all others and it states that the setup is low profile and meant for those wishing to achieve greater court feel. Believe it or not, all shoes are made with this in mind and the forefoot of nearly every shoe is only about 1/4″ thick. Its to promote stability and court feel.

          Like i said, i teach. If you chose not to learn then thats fine but dont come here trying to start trouble.

  4. Man, how many times does this have to come up, d-rose got injured because he landed wrong, yes, even a superstar athlete like him can land incorrectly, that’s just how it is. Do you really think that if he was wearing something with full length zoom that it would have made that much of a difference?

  5. also answer me this if u know the answer! why “none” of the LBJ’s or MJ’s(MJ 1 2 doesnt count) or KOBE’s shoe is made so call ” minimal cushion” ? because they are so stupid not knowing “Low profile is more natural. ” ? or they all want more impact protection ? Low profile is more natural yes but not for playing basketball. if u disagree that means u are saying whoever invent ZOOM air ,airmax, 360airmax,full length zoom, maxzoom u like to call, lunarlon, are simply stupid b/c a simple thin low profile cushion will be the best for basketball .

    1. You are only showing how little you know about footwear and the game of basketball. I dont do this for fake hoopers, real hoopers know what im talking about. Ive probably been doing this longer than youve been playing the game. Your ignorance and hate is not wanted not needed here.

  6. You know that rondo tore his acl wearing the hyper disrupters, which boast big zoom units in the forefoot and heel, right? Granger had to get knee surgery in a season where he wore the hyper gamer and the hyper enforcer, etc…not to say that cushioning doesn’t matter, I would be the last person to claim this, but I personally don’t really like playing in very cushioned shoes like the lebron and melo lines. I want court feel and reliable, unobtrusive cushion, preferably foam.

    Btw the Kobe 8 is pretty low to the ground while giving you excellent cushion at the same time. They are one of my favorites.

  7. Also, not everybody plays like lebron, and not everybody plays in his position. Even fewer are built like him. Surely you wouldn’t ask lebron to play in the cp3.vi, and vice versa…which does not disqualify the cp3s from being an excellent choice for folks who play most of the game on the ground and on their toes…hence the low cut and the minimal cushioning setup.

  8. all i am trying to say is D Rose 773 2 is not good for impact protection, so does other so call minimal cushioning from adidas . when i say “low profile” i meant adidas thin minimal cushioned shoes. BTW i have been playing the game /coach since jordan won his first ring. how long i play the game which has nothing to do with the fact adidas minimal cushioned shoes is not for most players , i see many injury case b/c of that.

    1. I said the PureMotion isnt good for impact protection as well so what are you arguing for? Its common sense that less cushion offers less impact protection and nobody has ever said anything to go against that. However, to say that injuries are caused from this is wrong. Stats dont lie and statistically throughout sports, injuries are leas common amongst sports that offer little to no cushion within their footwear or are barefoot. Gymnasts impact the ground ad greater force and higher speed than any other athlete. They do so without shoes as this is the most natural way. The ability to feel the ground beneath you and allow your muscles, ligaments and tendons to do their job properly. To argue this is to go against all facts and in itself is just plain wrong – end of story. There are shoes built for everyones needs. Choose a shoe that is built for you and others will do the same. Some prefer low profile and minimal while others prefer tons of cushion.

      Again, i dont know where you are coming from as i have written reviews confirming that ive said what you claim i have not said and i have video reviews of me saying it as well… and ive said this before anyone else has so it came from me before it came from another source. Yet again, just straight facts. Deny them all you want… proof is readily avail.

  9. BTW Nightwing , u get angry easily , and u sounds like the kind of person who always has to be right about everything everytime. and the kind of guy who never say sorry for anything to anyone in his life. i am not say u are , but u do sounds like a guy who gets piss off easily . no one gets mad or angry here, just sharing things from different angle.

    1. Im not angry at all, just speaking with you. Also known as having a conversation. You should really stop insinuating things about me… this is the third time within our convo that youve done that… its childish. It just so happens that you are saying that ive said something i havent, said the opposite, then you say that i called ppl stupid and now you are telling me who i am and what i do to people such as never say sorry etc. Ive done nothing but state facts while you insinuate and accuse me of numerous things that arent true. What do you want me to say? That you are right and everything youve said is absolutely true? I cant… bc you are wrong.

      1. simple math less impact protection= more impact force to your join on your legs knee ankle = more chance to get hurt (over long period of time)

        1. Its not math, were talking physics here. Youre not considering the movement, speed and momentum creating the force which is then applied to a very small piece of cartilage. These things are called accidents for a reason. To blame the shoe is like blaming a car for a car accident when it was the drivers fault.

  10. Injuries happen all the time and sometimes it can be that someone else is in the way you cant be so ignorant to blame them on a certain shoe rondo wears new shoes almost every game so you cant just base it on one shoe and rose is endorsed by adidas so guess what hell be wearing if he gets injured stop the ignorance and just play ball with what makes you comfortable

  11. Your not supposed to play on your heels anyways however it happens but it is not planned you font play defense on your heels you dont shoot off your heels or dunk off them its cool that shoes have cushion available at the heel but that should only be for emergency its all about playing on your forefoot and staying on your toes you should try it itll make you play the game better

  12. Can we get some comments about the shoes instead of these childish arguements?

    “simple math less impact protection= more impact force to your join on your legs knee ankle = more chance to get hurt (over long period of time)”

    No that’s actually physics, Miu liu is simply forgetting other variables that nightwing stated, such as the fact that body parts and other tissue can bend or move the wrong way,or be displaced due to extreme trauma. You can still split your head open wearing a motorcycle helmet if the trauma is severe enough.

    Not to mention that not all people are the same, there is a difference between your knees, your lmae friends’ knees, and then some like Derrick Rose or Vince Carter’s indestructible knee cartilage.

    1. Striking up a conversation isn’t bad but throwing out insults and whatnot is pretty stupid… especially when you’re wrong and there are legit facts to back up statements. It’s not his fault, he is just misinterpreting people and spouting off.

        1. Im not always right so its better show me my mistakes so i can learn from them. There are ways to go about that in a constructive manner and there are ways to go about it wrong… Then there are those that try to correct someone when they arent right in the first place. The main thing is that everyone needs to be able to hold a conversation without throwing out insults, accusations and just come correct in an appropriate manner so we can all learn. Otherwise its just childish and a waste of time.

      1. People these days feel like they have to prove something why can’t we have a regular conversation like normal people

  13. why it is so hard to understand if poeple play basketball and have habit of landing on their heel when they jump,(it’s not the right way to land, i land on my forefoot, but believe or not so many jump/run land on his heel first) they need cushion, a really good cushion or just matter of time before injury happen. try to jump and land on your heel bare foot (or wear one of the adidas PureMotion minimal cushioned ) on concrete /blacktop a few time see how u feel. keep in mind some people jump higher some jump lower ,so it does feel pain for people who jump high and land on his heel wear minimal cushioned shoes.

    1. Some people do land on their heels – not often but it happens – and sometimes ppl land wrong and get injured. Its called sloppy footwork. Its seriously not the shoes fault. I have no biased towards any shoe or brand and I will tell you honestly that while some “cushions” may not be the best or most comfortable, they are not the cause of an injury. Esp an injury to the meniscus.

    2. Bro I have ran jumped up and touched a backboard and landed on my heel barefoot and it barely hurts and what you stated about the right way to jump is your ignorant childish opinion go away already no one wants to hear your stupid trash talk

      1. post a video or we are calling this out straight up BULL..

        make 10 straight attempts of a jump and it should touch the backboard and land on your heel barefoot..

        and then we can take you seriously

        1. i actually thought i was replying to the Liu guy… (i apologize for that part)

          still.. i call bull man. landing on your heel after a jump sucks sweaty balls, so yeah… video or Bull

          are we cool?

    1. While twisting, not or. Ive bruised my meniscus just from direct impact but it will only tear if twisting is involved. The impact refers to the force and gravity placed on the area while making the move. Something that MIGHT be attributed to great traction but not cushion.

      I find it strange that you keep referring to adidas when there have been meniscus tears from players wearing shoes from all brands with heel cushion setups a bit more pronounced than the EVA featured in adidas models.

      By your logic, Westbrook’s tear would have been caused by too much cushion. Since he was wear the XX8s while it happened.

      Rubio must have torn his due to lack of cushion featured in the Hyperfuse he was wearing at the time.

      Rondo was wearing Air max while he tore his…

      We can go around in circles all day. All you have managed to do is state your opinion and try to push it upon others. There is no fact behind it and every bit of factual info about the subject are all claims that support the exact opposite of what you claim.

      You are entitled to your own opinion, just understand that it is only just an opinion and hold no real value.

      Example, just to be clear. Air max is better than zoom air… This is an opinion. Air max protects and absorbs impact greater than zoom air… This is a fact. Two different things.

  14. why i keep referring to adidas ? b/c they are the only one keep making the minimal cushioned shoe as it is something wonderful . Have i ever said wear Nike u will never get injury? Never(not all Nike is good for impact protection, but they dont sell it as no impact protection=good= fast), however which one of the other injuried player wear minimal cushioned shoe pratice and play game all the time? which one injuried while doing a heel landing ? which shoes i seen people get injury(in real life ) more often than the others? let’s go back to the basic of why do we wear basketball shoes and not play bare foot? 1 traction 2 support 3 impact protection. take away any one of these 3 aspect we might as well play bare foot

    1. Just so you know, not one player has been injured while wearing this next gen PureMotion. Not one player. Rose was injured wearing the Rose 2.5. Discussion is officially over…

      1. having followed the adidas line for some time.. i believe i have not seen anyone get injured in the first gen puremotion.. as in even t-mac

        you should really try one. a number of em are in ebay FOR CHEAP!!

  15. M Liu, do you see discrediting the puremotion system as your personal mission in life? would it make you happy if adidas pulled all their new models from the shelves and off athlete’s feet, shutting down shop in an admission that they’ve been lying to everybody all along?
    there’ll be a national campaign with john wall breaking down into tears, saying in between sobs that he was fearful for his health every time he laced up the crazyquicks, that they were even worse than the zig escapes that put his career in peril, but every time he wanted to squirm out of his contract adidas would send a mob of german goons to sort him out…

    1. u are too funny,hahah, no i do not hate adidas, i just see many young player wanting something light and thinking that’s good for his game, and turn out it’s actully bad for him in the long run.

  16. ‘we put these puremotion shoes out because we really, really, really hate the game of basketball, we have absolute contempt for anybody with even the slightest interest in playing it, if only sports were simpler, like those games of topschlagen and dosenfussball we played as kleine kinder in bavaria…
    we want the game of basketball to disappear from the face of the stinking earth, and we tried to think of how we might make it disappear…what better way is there than developing a technology that will MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO PLAY EVER AGAIN? it was such an ingenious plan….
    – adidas public relations manager

    1. lol i dont think they are as smart as u can come up a plan like that haha , they simply just want to sell something low cost to make and making it looks real good.

  17. Wizard rookie John Wall will miss his 8th game of the season,when the Wizards play the Lakers tuesday night..Wall has dealt with several nagging injuries this season left foot sprain,knee injury and ankle injuries…..Some say the Wizards notoriously shaky medical staff are to blame…But Veteran guard Kobe Bryant took a line from The Great Mars Blackmon, and told Wall,” it must be the shoes”…Kobe told him he should change from Reebok to Nikes..Wall of course has a deal with Reebok, which has built 3 questionable ZigTech signature shoes for him..They advertise the shoes as Energy Drinks for your feet…But they’ve bought Wall nothing but injuries…

  18. Reebok has stated that the newly-developed Zig technology is the ‘energy drink for your feet’. However, with the recent injury-riddled first half of the season John Wall has had, some are starting to question Reebok’s new development (although you cannot 100% blame the shoe for Wall’s injuries). According to Kobe Bryant, Wall can rid himself of the injuries if he just switched brands.

    Michael Lee, a reporter for the Washington Post, recently tweeted a few words of advice Bryant gave Wall in regards to his recent injuries: ‘Buy Nikes’. Wall, of course, is the lead endorser of Reebok’s new basketball sneaker, the Reebok Zig Slash. So far, this shoe has been well-received by consumers thanks to its unlimited colorways and intriguing Zig sole. Yet, does its performance capabilities match its design cues?

    This is not the first time sneakers have taken the blame for injuries. If you recall, the Detroit Pistons equipment manager blamed the Nike Hyperize for the ankle injuries of many of the players including Charlie Villauenva last year. Also, Lakers coach Phil Jackson blamed Ron Artest’s selection of footwear (PEAK) for his ankle/foot injuries. Let us know your thoughts on this subject matter in the comment section below! Also, view the tweet in which the statement was said below.

      1. The issues you stated with Wall were about his Reeboks and his ZigTech line. Had you properly researched my work then youd know I dont stand by those Wall shoes or the tech and have specifically said they were gimmicks and some of the worst performance shoes.

        As i said before, nothing regarding a player being injured wearing next gen puremotion.

        Youll be talking to yourself from this point forward as ive made my case on multiple occasions & continue to prove you wrong each time. There is a reason why i do what i do, its bc i know more about it than you do. Brands and companies are aware of this as well.

        Not sure why you provoked this in the first place but its pretty clear that you know nothing about me or the work ive done or footwear in general…. It shows all too clearly in your ridiculous comments. Its also clear that you dislike me for some reason. Your ignorance and hate is very noticeable.

  19. It’s not you nightwing, M Liu just has some kind of misguided, ignorant, and childish prejudice towards Adidas and Lower profile BBall shoes based on hearsay and other subjective nonsense.

  20. sooo.. after that long back reading… with the ever so smart kid who will not be named until he posts his video of jumping and landing on his heels barefoot..

    the question is..

    when will europe or asia….hell any place outside ‘merica get some FYW lovin? i mean, last decent retro we got was the top ten 2000….the OG cw which was what… back in 2011 🙁

  21. Date Posted: Apr 5, 2013 #17

    Wow crazy, Me and some of my friends were talking about this a few weeks ago. About 4-6 basketball players at the high school I graduated from suffered from ankle sprains, fractures, and other foot related injuries this season. The school and coaches supplied them with Adidas shoes to match the school’s colors. I really think Adidas might be the problem.

    1. So what’s the deal? You’re not a fan of Adidas, so are you hating on them? Players back in the day didn’t have super cushioned Nike shoes like we do now. They had to make do with what they had, and they seemed to do alright with it.

      Have you ever had a problem wearing Adidas shoes? Have they ever caused an injury for you on a personal level?

      I’m sure you can find similar stories (if you look hard enough) which have people that have problems with Nike shoes or other brands. Actually, scrolling up the page, you did find a story in one of your above posts with the Detroit Pistons equipment manager blaming the Nike Hyperize for injuries to players that were wearing them.

      Why are you focusing so hard on Adidas only?

      1. for sure poeple can get injury when they wearing Nike, however if u look at the chances and how serious was the injury and how often it happened between the two brands. in my life i have seen 3 players injuried their legs badly wearing adidas recently, the pose above you ice09 was a copy and paste on other web site from other players. if u google it , type “adidas injury” u will find out a lot poeple have been talking about it . just look at Adidas ‘s signature NBA players, and Nike signature NBA players which of the players is more often to have knee related problems. the fact is most of the Adidas ‘s signature NBA players now and past have knee problems.

        1. the fact is.. if you play basketball in any level in the past or present, the chances of getting injured remains the same.. POSSIBLE

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