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adidas Crazy 97 Deconstructed

The original minimalist hoop shoe, the adidas EQT Elevation aka the Crazy 97, gets deconstructed thanks to Long7.

These don’t encompass much but its still cool to have them taken apart so you can see the inner workings with certain pieces of footwear.

Is there a shoe you’d like to see deconstructed? Not saying it will happen but personally, I’m curious to know if anyone has one particular shoe you’d like to see taken apart so you can see what they’re made of.

adidas Crazy 97 Deconstructed 1

adidas Crazy 97 Deconstructed 2

adidas Crazy 97 Deconstructed 3

    1. I’ve deconstructed the 18–full-length carbon fiber shank underfoot, foam above that, large volume heel zoom bag in the foam, full-length zoom above that, another carbon fiber heel cup in the insole, full internal bootie. Really a very comfortable shoe, but over cushioned for me for bball–rolls over soooo easy. I used them for lifting until they literally fell apart (the first time I played ball in them in a few years, the outsole literally peeled off).

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