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adidas Crazy 8 John Wall PE – Available Now

Along with the Lillard PE, adidas just release the John Wall PE version of the adidas Crazy 8. If you are interested in purchasing then you can grab them now at adidas.com.

adidas Crazy 8 John Wall PE - Available Now

  1. why do they treat Wal so bad, first Reebok making him rock those lame Zigs. This colorway looks like Vegas all star game from 07 or was it 08, 06 maybe…. who cares. Wal needs to get back to his Kentucky days and rock NIKE and maybe his game will improve

      1. I agree with 2hard2guard. His game won’t noticeably improve just by wearing Nike’s. It’s the player not the shoes. And Wall had the crazy quicks, which are a great shoe. These aren’t too bad either.

        1. Also, Wall is playing like one of the best pgs in the league right now. Considering that rose, westbrook AND chris paul are out. These PEs are kind of lame though.

      2. http://www.kicksonfire.com/2007/02/08/adidas-chauncey-billups-all-star-game-sneakers/

        see the link above and know why they look dated 2 fold
        Zigs suck, No rubber at the forefoot but just some useless foam material that has zero grip then Wally was stuck promoting the Micro Zig – those were a joke.Even our boy NDubstep couldnt go another minute in them. He’s a dope point guard but by far a better plaeyer in Tucky and yeah, just like Drose played their entire life in nike’s until $ got involved they are all gonna be on the IR.

        1. Uh, you’re absolutely crazy if you think John wall was a better player in Kentucky, the guy just relied on his athleticism and his speed on the open floor to make highlight reel plays, now he has so much more range to his jumper (which still ain’t perfect but at least it ain’t broken like it was when he first came out of school), plus he is a MUCH better team player and, more importantly, point guard than he was when he was playing college ball, the guy plays smarter, sees the floor better and can switch speeds…dude is a legit star now, and will only get better as he keeps working

          Saying wall was better in college is like saying rondo was better in college because he made flashy plays in transition and dunked a lot more, both of those guys have worked really hard to address the glaring weaknesses they had coming into the draft

    1. i agree. no sense. wall can be a candidate of most improved this year, and he really has a good chance of making a first all star appearance. but i agree too about reebok making him wear stupid zigtech

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