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adidas Crazy 1 ‘Playoff’ – Available Now

The original Playoff version of the adidas Crazy 1 just landed at adidas Basketball retailers including Finish Line. If you were interested in grabbing a pair for on or off court use then head over to FinishLine.com.

adidas Crazy 1 'Playoff' - Available Now 1

adidas Crazy 1 'Playoff' - Available Now 2

adidas Crazy 1 'Playoff' - Available Now 3

adidas Crazy 1 'Playoff' - Available Now 4

adidas Crazy 1 'Playoff' - Available Now 5

adidas Crazy 1 'Playoff' - Available Now 6

adidas Crazy 1 'Playoff' - Available Now 7

  1. I am a little confused. I thought the Crazy 8 was Kobe’s first sig shoe and then the Kobe 2 aka the moon shoes was the second. What is this? Before or after the moon shoes?

    1. I believe he first had the adidas KB8 then the KB8 2. Following those was The Kobe (these), The Kobe 2 and then he left.

      I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s something like that.

        1. Kobe signature line: KB8, KB8 II, KB8 III, THE KOBE, THE KOBE II, THE KOBE III(never worn, never released, only in the sample stage). 2K4(was going to be Kobe’s signature shoes, but he got in legal trouble), then the Zoom Kobe 1 and so on

    1. I respectfully disagree. I really like the streamlined look of these, especially this cw. What’s weird is I really like these, but couldn’t stand the Kobe Two, which isn’t far off, but for some reason really rubbed me the wrong way in terms of how they looked.

      1. I respectfully get your point. However they LOOK bulky and uncomfortable. Im not saying thery arent comfrtable. I am saying they could be the most comfortable shoe in te world but I’ll never knowc uz they look look bricks. Shallow I know but at the same time I dont play ball too often anymore. I use my shoes for comfort and the way they look,not how they perform.

    2. These are actually the only Kobe signature shoes I’ve ever liked, except Zoom Kobe II
      I just bought these this morning, definitely the best colorway IMO

  2. Hey Chris, what would you score the ventilation on these?
    I am hoping to pick them up tomorrow. Ballpark?

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