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adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs

After their debut during the NBA All-Star Weekend, the adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 is back on-court – you’ll be able to see them on the feet of Kyle Lowry, Jeff Teague and Mike Conley Jr.

This is one of my more anticipated shoes this year. Even after the initial flop that was the original Crazylight Boost, I’m hopeful that adidas has fixed the forefoot cushion, or lack thereof, and poor traction. Plus, you all know I’m a sucker for this woven upper stuff. Bring it.

The Crazylight Boost 2015 will be available July 1 for $140 – great work keeping the price the same! – at adidas.com and Foot Locker.adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 2 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 3 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 4 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 5 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 6 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 7 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 8 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 9 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 10 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 11 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 12 adidas Basketball Delivers Boost for NBA Playoffs 13

    1. I have to agree with you 100%. You would think they would have given him a shoe with the latest tech. Same idea goes for John Wall.

      1. Sounds like a good idea but Wall and Lillard wouldnt have their shoes for under 120 if they had the latest tech. The reason those sigs didnt have boost is because they were selling them at a certain price point.

        1. have you guys even tried the lillards on? they have their own personality, sure there are flaws, but they are decent performers in their own right…i’ve been playing in mine, and to be honest i find them every bit as comfortable as the rose 5s, heel slip is a bit of a concern, and the lacing system really is rather strange, but i haven’t rolled an ankle yet, despite being somebody who plays in a fashion who should worry about that more than most…

          1. There is step in comfort sure, but I’d rather have Boost.

            A lot of people in Portland think Lillard’s slight drop off in performance is because of the lack of current tech in his shoes. It’s all probably coincidental, of course.

  1. I know you say the first crazylight flopped, but for a lot of people including myself the shoe was dope. I think the amount of NBA players that currently wear it or wore it throughout the 14/15 season accredits that as well. Like all shoes it works for some doesn’t for others. Traction just needed a wipe in my opinion same as any shoe on a dusty court.

      1. that may be true, but jeff teague said the crazylight boosts are the single best pair of hoop shoes he’s ever worn in his life, you’ve got to wonder sometimes….i wouldn’t pick up a pair myself, though i’ve been tempted to for rock bottom prices simply because i really like how the upper feels, the rubber is just way too soft for somebody who plays outdoor ball more often than in, and i just can’t imagine that traction pattern being any good at all

      1. I think it is adiprene or adiprene+ i think you have stated that in a former post may be wrong though. Hope it is adiprene/adiprene + last yewrs crazy light boost my feet and im only 13.

  2. YES!!!!! In one of the pictures you can see the bottom of the shoe, and you can see a white part, which i think is boost in the forefoot

      1. Second last picture there is a small visible slit of boost foam right before the forefoot. It looks like it leads to the fore foot

    1. I have my hopes up for Adidas this time. Wouldn’t have noticed that white part in the forefoot without reading these comments.

  3. I love the silhouette of this shoe, the lines, but did they really have to go monochromatic?! With so much going on with this shoe, greater contrasts would have been really hot.

    1. I’m still hoping for the pair I saw at All Star. And no, there was NO BOOST in the forefoot Nandha. Segmented foam, either EVA or adiprene+.

  4. besides the fact that those volt ones are hideous, these look like they will be incredible, can’t wait to play in a pair

  5. I wonder if they still are sticking to the Crazylight foundations…being a crazy light shoe. This just looks like it is a regularly weighted shoe. Should have split models so there are more range of Boost Basketball shoes and choices. Still excited for these.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the upper looks a lot like Nike flyknit. Adidas just copied the kobe 9 elite low.

  7. These look way dope! It looks like they changed the pattern back to what was on some of the original crazy lights.

  8. If you look at the volt ones carefully, you may notice something like a layer of white padding (boost?) underneath the forefoot traction pad, although it may just be the shadow. Also, some are saying that these have 13% more boost that any other shoe (http://www.kicksonfire.com/2015/04/16/heres-the-new-sneaker-that-adidas-athletes-will-be-wearing-for-the-nba-playoffs/), so is all that bubble really stacked all up in the heel only? Except for the All-Star teasers – we haven’t really seen the forefoot of the outsole. Why is this? Perhaps adidas is testing the waters with the possibility of including boost pads (like rectangular zoom pads) in the forefoot? I know that’s still unlikely at $140 (and a non-flagship) point, but still…a couple months time to adjust the production doesn’t seem too unreasonable..

  9. these look fantastic. wonder how improved the fit will be over the Lillard 1. love the inclusion of Boost

  10. Just now noticed there’s a difference between these & what the NBA guys are wearing. They have like a techfit tongue strap compared to this version. You noticed that nightwing?

  11. This is a huge step for Adidas basketball! The only downfall of this shoe would probably be the traction. To me, the rubber seems thin and the traction pattern looks as if the majority of it is going diagonally. It might surprise me, but I’ll wait and try to cop them if the price point is in range with my budget. Which leads to my curiosity of the pricing of the shoe. Adidas has many low budget shoes and they’ve been the go to brand for me when I’m on a budget of 100 dollars. If these are 100-150, I believe these things will sell like hotcakes!

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