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adidas and Marvel to Team Up with ‘Heroes Among Us’ Collection

adidas and Marvel recently announced a collaboration that will feature NBA and WNBA stars like James Harden, Damian Lillard, Candace Parker, John Wall and Tracy McGrady.

With its upcoming ‘Heroes Among Us’ pack, adidas has iconized some of basketball’s mightiest heroes to capture their superstardom both on and off the court. With James Harden, Damian Lillard, Candace Parker, John Wall and Tracy McGrady headlining the collection, the stars are expected to paired with Marvel heroes Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Nick Fury, respectively.

The collection will be represented by the following silhouettes,

  • Marvel’s Iron Man | Harden Vol 3
  • Marvel’s Black Panther | Dame 5
  • Marvel’s Captain America | N3XT L3V3L
  • Marvel’s Nick Fury | TMAC 1
  • Marvel’s Captain Marvel | Pro Vision 

Expect to see those sneakers to make their on-court debut when NBA Playoffs begin on April 13; the adidas and Marvel ‘Heroes Among Us’ limited-edition collection will also release on April 26.

What’s your favorite pairing in the collection? Sound off in the comment section below.






Image via adidas

via adidas

  1. Hardens and Walls then Dame. Shame only Jarden had a bigger change as the other ones could have been easy redone

  2. I think the captain marvel pro vision is the best transition but gotta go with the Dames for black panther. They never give my man thor any kicks

    1. Actually they made a Thor themed Real Deal when Age of Ultron came out. I have them. They’re pretty sick with a ton of 3M and lightning pattern on the upper.

  3. I’m humored by how T-Mac gets to rep Nick Fury.

    They still had other costumed Marvel heroes to pick from, but no, let’s just make him Nick Fury bc old guy

  4. The James Harden’s look 10000000% better without that big stripe on the forefoot. It’s crazy how these went from no way, to I want these just one 1 modification.

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