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adidas Launches the adizero Prime Parley at the IAAF World Championships

adidas adizero prime parley for the oceans Shaunae Miller
Shaunae Miller

This week, London is playing host to the greatest track and field athletes in the word for the 2017 IAAF World Championships. To mark the occasion, Parley for the Oceans, a charity committed to ocean conservation, and adidas have created the adizero Prime Parley.

The adizero Prime is, according to adidas, the brand’s fastest silhouette; it’s an elite running shoe that uses the same construction as adidas’ marathon world-record setting sneakers.

This latest adizero Prime Parley mixes functionality, style, and sustainability thanks to its origami-inspired patterning, Boost midsole, and Primeknit upper made from 95% Parley Ocean Plastic. Within the sole there is a Torsion System, a bar made from renewable materials, and the shoe sits atop a Continental natural rubber Stretchweb outsole.

Olympic gold medallist sprinters Wayde Van Niekerk, Yohan Blake, Shaunae Miller, and Tori Bowie are among the first athletes in the world to wear pairs of the limited edition adizero Prime Parley.

adidas adizero prime parley for the oceans Wayde Van Niekerk
Wayde Van Niekerk

“This is an exciting time in the history of adizero,” said Matthias Amm, Category Director at adidas Running said in a statement. “Not only are we proud to see the family evolved with Parley material, but we are continuing to break the boundaries of craftmanship in our drive to advance our heritage of marathon successes and achieve world-record setting speeds. Almost 10 years after Hailie Gebrselassie broke the world record at the Berlin marathon, we return this September to see our best athletes attempt to break the world record in our brand new adizero models.”

The adizero Prime Parley will be available for $200 in limited numbers on August 8 in the U.S. on adidas.com.

adidas adizero prime parley for the oceans

adidas adizero prime parley for the oceans On-foot

adidas adizero prime parley for the oceans 3

adidas adizero prime parley for the oceans Shaunae Miller
Shaunae Miller

adidas adizero prime parley for the oceans 2



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  1. Been around on your website like 8 years now man..

    kicksoncourt.com was it originally?

    I was Nike IDing my Kobe Vs then

    man I can’t believe Kobe retired.. man wait that was 2 YEARS ago..

    man.. I couldn’t believe MJ retired..
    and came back..

    and man now I’m a grown man..child..boy..man..adult

    but anyways cutting the crap

    man tech and shoes

    I was like

    TF is this?? it’s gonna make me fly when I first saw the Air Max 95s
    and thought the 97s were the dopest, illest things I’ve ever saw.

    It was like.. NASA,,, or the Apollo 13 on someone’s feet.

    now we’re looking at Adidas bringing their game back with boost and Parley.

    it’s pronounced Par- Lee
    not Par – Lay

    like some people call it in the sneaker community.

    Parlay is an actual word.

    what better source to look up an English word than the Oxford English Dictionary
    made in England?


    still loving your reviews man.
    seems like you upped your shooting game as well.

    seems like you’re pretty much unbeatable at the NBA D League
    (NBA Dad’s league)

    loving your game, reviews

    and seriously I never even imagined you’d become such a big name man.

    Congratulations on everything Chris.

    Made plenty of purchases based on your reviews.
    started making my own reviews too

    started making my own shoe designs too

    shout out to you my man.

    wish you nothing but the best

    for today,

    for tomorrow

    and all the days to come.

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