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A Possible First Look at the adidas Dame 6

A possible first look at the adidas Dame 6 has made its way online.

The adidas Dame 5 is currently one of the best basketball shoes of 2019. Will the adidas Dame 6 be just as good?

It looks as if adidas is going to make a heavy push of its Lightstrike cushioning in late 2019. So far we’ve seen multiple upcoming models leak and each of the signature leaks feature the new lightweight cushion midsole.

The rest of what is being called the adidas Dame 6 is… strange. The design is a bit weird, but we all said the same thing about the Dame 5. Hopefully it’s as good on the court as it is weird looking. Colorways will definitely make or break this model as some of them look okay while others are just ?.

There is no official release date or pricing as of now but with the cushion change, I wonder if price will be altered or remain at $115.

Stay tuned for updates on the adidas Dame 6 and feel free to leave your thoughts on the Damian Lillard’s potential next signature shoe below.

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images via weibo/HUPU/@loreinzoo

  1. I like the structure and solid colorways. I’m interested to see if they are mids or high low cut shoes?

  2. that heel tab juuust pushes it into ugly territory. it does look like a good, low to the ground performer. dames have a good track record.

    I really like the look of those new marquee boost cws and those new shoes on the bottom.

  3. @nightwing2303 doesn’t the colour blocking of the white Dame 6 remind you a bit of the Jordan Team 1? With the half & half black and white toe… I loved that element of the Jordan Team 1.. rest of the shoe looks great to me too, compared to the Dame 5.. Looking forward to its release and weartest results….

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