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A Detailed Look and Review on the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

We have and an in-hand look at Russell Westbrook’s latest signature shoe — the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2.

A surprise hit in 2018, the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 was a beast on the court — just like Brodie himself.

However, the Why Not Zer0.1 was originally a team shoe that was rebranded prior to its release to be Westbrook’s signature shoe. That makes the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 the first basketball shoe specifically designed for Westbrook — making it even more intriguing that it already is.

There is a lot going on with the shoe visually but if you just focus on the tech specs, they’ve incorporated a lot of Russ’ personal favorite attributes from models he’s worn in the past. There’s a focus on forefoot cushion with the implementation of Unlocked Zoom Air — leaving only Injected Phylon in the heel (which feels plush for anyone wondering). Decoupling the tooling was a favorite feature of mine in the Air Jordan 28-30 and Westbrook loves the mobility this setup brings to the table, so they’ve redesigned it with a bit more structure and support. Lockdown panels/straps are at the forefoot, midfoot and even the rear (the cloak offers additional rear lockdown).

Let’s not forget about the traction: so far during our testing, it’s been awesome.

We hope you enjoy the detailed look and review on the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. Feel free to leave your thoughts on them below in the comment section and stay tuned for the performance review in the coming weeks.

  1. Overall, I like these, definitely will wait on other colors (I could see them doing a crazy color combo with a gum bottom,) but to me these remind me more so of the SuperFly 2, just a lighter looking version. Excited to hear your thoughts as you continue to test these!

  2. Nightwing, have you had a chance to weigh these yet? The 0.1’s weighed in at 16.0 ounces according to your review … hoping these are significantly lighter. For the most part I really enjoy playing in my Harden Vol. 2’s, but in my size 12 those things weigh a whopping 19.0 ounces (that’s almost 2.5 lbs of shoe for a pair)!



    1. Lol, the Hardens were kind of heavy even in my size. I haven’t Wright these yet, but on foot they feel light. I’ll make sure to put the weight on the score card for the final review.

  3. Excited for these. Phylon killed the Kyrie 5s for me, but even a little more compression would have helped a ton. The colorway is garish, but whatever. A great shoe is a great shoe. Distinctive is cool.

  4. Saw some close up images of Russ wearing these in game. Showed a TON of compression marks throughout the entire midsole. It almost looked like ZoomX (even though I know its just injected phylon).

  5. Hi Nightwing, may I ask you if the rubber feels durable? I’ve seen the Sole Brothers’ first impressions video and the rubber looks very very soft


    1. Saw some upclose images of Russ wearing these. Looked like some of the nub circles on his pair were tearing on the edges (And that’s playing only indoor on pristine courts and possibly in a new pair every game). But playdough soft outsoles from Nike/Jordan are nothing new.

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