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A Detailed Look and Review on LiAngelo Ball’s Big Baller Brand G3 Lux

LiAngelo Ball’s first signature sneaker is in-hand and on-foot for a quick detailed look and review.

The Big Baller Brand G3 Lux might be the nicest performance basketball sneaker I’ve held in my hands since the Way of Wade 1-3. Yes, the Kobe 1 Protro uses some nice materials, but the leathers and suedes used on the Big Baller Brand shoe is a bit more luxurious.

All three of the brand’s upcoming sneakers share the same tooling in order to cut down costs a bit, but the performance is so good that it’s not a deterrent. They’re also a small brand so it’s not uncommon for tooling to be shared — Crossover Culture is a fairly recent example that offers different models with shared tooling.

Cushion on the shoe is awesome and I will go over that in more detail within the performance review on the Zo2.19 — which is done, so stay tuned for that.

The Big Baller Brand G3 Lux is available for pre-order now at BigBallerBrand.com and should start shipping orders by May-June 2019. Retail price is $179 — not bad considering the materials are all premium compared to something similarly priced like the Air Jordan 3. Although, the Air Jordan 3 is an Air Jordan so the price is reflective of that. The price here is just reflective of the quality the product is made of rather than relying on its brand name.

Let us know your thoughts on the BBB G3 Lux below and stay tuned for a performance review prior to the shoe’s full scale release.

  1. I applaud BBB for lowering the price (Its still a little high even with premium materials) and creating a quality product with Santa Ana’s assistance (not another Crazylight Boost clone) but I just cant support this family. Everything I’ve seen has made the dad seem like a narcissistic elitist a$$hole, the kids spoiled brats, and everything they’ve done promoting the BBB brand has rubbed me the wrong way.

    It looks like SantaAna created a great product and knocked it out of the park with these. I love premium leather (The Wow 2 was amazing) but I just cant support something related to this family. Its a shame these aren’t just a Brandblack shoe because there’s a good chance I would have bought them.

    1. My thoughts exactly, when it comes to the Dad and supporting his brand!! I wouldn’t buy them if it were another brand though, I’m just not a fan.

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