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Revisiting the Nike KD 5 | Retro Performance Review

nike kd 5 retro performance review kevin durant

With the KD 4 back and Kevin Durant in the NBA Finals it seems appropriate to revisit one of his best signature models; here’s our Nike KD 5 Retro Performance Review.


Nike KD 5 Performance Review

While reviewing the recently released Nike KD 4 ‘Battle Tested’, which was part of the Art of a Champion collection, we had featured the Nike KD 5 in the background and referenced it briefly. After asking if anyone was interested in a retro review of the shoe we were surprised that many viewers were into the idea. So, we took the KD 5 back out onto the court to see how it has held up after all these years.

We hope you enjoy this Nike KD 5 Retro Performance Review and maybe we’ll do this again in the future.

  1. I like this idea- periodically getting something from the closet and seeing how it plays today. Nightwing has a museum of shoes from all these years of operation that I’m sure would make for interesting videos.

  2. My KD5 “Hulk”s are still my go-to pair for outdoor basketball. Best looking KD in my opinion.

  3. Review is so retro he did it outdoors with the wind and stuff.

    I think this segment goes well in situations like this (KD 11 is coming, KD just won another championship and FMVP). I think it can carry on to future signature releases. Like the LeBron 16 can be complimented by a retro LeBron review, etc. Or you could even take the HD18 against the original HD or retro’d OGHD. It’s cool insight to see how shoes hold up. We’ve been elevating our standards and shifting our perceptions to what makes a better shoe, when in the end it boils down to end execution. The Jordan 10, for one, is still a really good shoe imo.

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