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World Balance DimeDrop Performance Review

World Balance DimeDrop

World Balance DimeDrop

The World Balance DimeDrop is a great budget option for those looking to do multiple sports in one shoe.

Colorway: White

Release Date: 2022

Price: $45 / Php2499

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The World Balance DimeDrop is World Balance’s premier team basketball shoe. The Scottie 1 was a hit and instantly sold out. In my opinion, the Scottie 1 is still the best Philippine-made basketball shoe to date. This one isn’t nearly as good as that, but there are aspects of this shoe that will sell itself. But some aspects might have people thinking twice about picking up a pair. I believe this was made for the Filipino hooper who, more often than not, gets one pair of shoes per year for all courts and sports.

World Balance DimeDrop Traction


World Balance decided to use gum rubber, a type of rubber with many fans that most people are familiar with. Indoors, these stuck to the court well enough. They weren’t noisy, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t grip the floor well. I had no problems moving side-to-side and front-to-back. It covered my movements wherever I chose to go. This is partly because of the rubber compound, but the pattern itself also has something to do with it. It combines two of the most proven and effective ones: herringbone and spiral. There are flex grooves as well for mobility.

They were durable enough for outdoor play as well. I always check for drags and bald spots after a few hours on concrete courts, and I have yet to find one. Even though the rubber is thin, the gum rubber compound makes up for it.

World Balance DimeDrop Cushion


The midsole is basic EVA. There’s nothing much to say about it. It’s low-to-the-ground and provides slight impact protection. It’s comparable to my experience with the Nike Kyrie Flytrap 6. It will need some break-in time, which is about a complete game (1-2 hours). Most of what you’ll feel is from the TerraSoft insoles. It feels polyurethane-based, but it’s not as substantial as the one in the Air Jordan 1 ‘85. Still, I’ll take it over Ortholite insoles. Regardless, once you bottom out the insoles, you’ll be left with the unimpressive foam midsole.

World Balance DimeDrop Materials


It’s knit everywhere. There are thicker stitched sections that serve both support and aesthetic features. The only other kind of materials you’ll find are leather panels on the heel area. A positive for this setup is its lack of weight. The shoe was surprisingly lighter than I expected. A negative that I experienced was the break-in time needed to get the toe box soft and comfortable. The glue backing the knit at the toe started extremely hard. It almost left my toes dead after a two-hour session. I could feel my big toe begging for mercy whenever I hit the brakes hard, both on defense and offense. After about six hours of wear, it went away, and I could play without discomfort.

World Balance DimeDrop Fit


I would go true to size, even for wide-footers. The materials break in nicely, so it will be accommodating after some patience on your part. My favorite aspect of the shoe is the lacing system. It mimics Jordan Brand’s speed lacing system in the Air Jordan 12. The principles and construction are similar. If I cinched the topmost eyelets, it would tighten all the rest. What’s great is that it allows for both customization and quick tightening. My only gripe is that the laces were too long and could potentially interfere while playing, though I never experienced it.

World Balance DimeDrop Support


There are no outstanding or groundbreaking features in this department. You sit within the midsole, so the shoe cradles you on lateral movements, and you don’t roll your ankle. This is especially true in the heel area, where the foam height increases. There’s a standard heel counter as well that I had no durability issues with. The thicker knits did their job too. I never felt unstable while wearing them on the court. This is a case of everything you need and nothing you don’t.

World Balance DimeDrop Overall

World Balance DimeDrop Overall

The World Balance DimeDrop is a good basketball shoe that can transcend other sports. It can be good for badminton, tennis, pickleball, and other on-court sports. This is due, in large part, to the gum rubber outsole. It’s versatile enough to handle most court conditions indoors and outdoors. The materials are lightweight, so it never interferes with your speed or agility, but you must be mindful of the break-in time. If you’re looking for a shoe that you can walk to school or work in, play pick-up basketball during your lunch break, and jump into a volleyball match at night, then these shoes will do you good.

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How to Buy the World Balance DimeDrop

The World Balance DimeDrop is available for $45 or Php2499 at World Balance.

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