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WearTesters Trash Talk: Under Armour Curry 2.5

The Under Armour Curry 2.5 is near, so lets talk about it.

With the Under Armour Curry 2.5 on the horizon, Chris and Jarron sit down to discuss whether or not they like what the Curry 2.5 has to offer and if they like would like to see companies continue to release upgraded versions of already released models. Check out the full discussion in the video below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below or on social media with the #WearTesters.

Stay locked to WearTesters.com for any upcoming information regarding the release of the Under Armour Curry 2.5.

  1. nightwing sounds like the educated dude who’s trying to make it simple and jarron just kind of is there lol

  2. I enjoyed the conversation. I thought the 2.5 look alright. For those who need more support, these would be it. Best looking shoe for 2016 (My opinion) the Brandblack Ether. If I had the extra cash, I would buy every colorway.

  3. It’s a team-version(the Curry 2.5), but because Curry is the ‘seller’ for UA, they added his name to it.

    The KD8 Elite is again a downgrade pretending to be an Elite.

  4. UA needs an “Elite” line to go against Nike’s Elite line to secure this round of consumer spending. Like mentioned in the video, if UA calls it Elite, then we ask why not giving us the best in the signature line. So UA calls it 2.5, the .5 gives marketing flexibility to build storylines without self implying inferiority of the original line. UA .5 series is completely competition driven, it needs something to prevent consumer spending flows into Nike pocket; it needs something when consumer is getting fed up with the 2 storyline. As of SC30 wearing the shoes, in my opinion, UA is such an innovative marketing engine, it must be planned way ahead of time. SC30 wouldn’t just do UA a favor by trying out the shoes on national TV without approving the shoes. It’s a ten billions dollar business in NA, you gotta do what you got to do.

      1. Agreed.
        At least, we are seeing from Adidas with the Rose 5 and now the 6 in that’s best in signature line.
        It won’t be surprising if they went budget friendly/team signature line for Curry as the others lines have.

  5. I liked the Curry Two so the fact that the 2.5 had some of the same tooling was one of the reasons that I liked the 2.5. Plus, the blackout colorway looks dope.

  6. even though I think they look really bad, the 2.5 model makes perfect sense. UA wanted to give Curry a playoff model. they arent going to change tooling during the season when there’s no time for Curry to wear test so only the upper is modified. cant call it the 3 bc its only half changed.

    its not like UA is saying this is a better shoe. its just different. this is 5 months later or whatever. its not like the nike elite stuff at all imo. those models are a freakin joke and dont even get worn on court

    1. I recall the same thought process when it came to adidas’ .5 Rose series. People thought those were jokes as well. It’s a cash grab, nothing more and nothing less. The tooling manufacturing costs are small bc tooling is already made. Upper materials are cheap – to manufacture- as hell too. Slap a .5 on it and call it a day. I think it was a botched team model rather than a .5, but that’s just speculation. Just doesn’t fit in line with what they’ve previously done with the curry line – although the line has been fairly sporadic. Dropping 1 mids, 1 lows and even 2’s all in the same time frame. They need to work on their retail strategy a bit more.

  7. What they should do with .5s or elites is look at the performance reviews online and ‘fix’ whatever is lacking with the shoe. With the Curry 2, maybe switch out the charged foam with micro G, since many people felt the cushion wasn’t great. Maybe they’re trying to fix that with the insole, but if they made the midsole micro G, that would’ve been a clear improvement. Also, I’m not so sure if the fit will be better, with the burrito thing. It may be difficult to lace up tight. We’ll see.

  8. It’s pretty ugly, and I worry UA might be spreading themselves too thin on Curry shoes already. It’s definitely a money grab like Nightwing says. I’m curious enough to check them out but don’t expect to get any unless there’s a knockout colorway. We’ll see, but i do think that Steph changed them during the game because he didn’t like them as much as the 2’s. He’s not gonna risk a W, especially this season going for 73-9.

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