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VIDEO: ZIPPED Lace Zippers… Inventive Or Not?

We’ve all had that problem: being too lazy to unlace your shoes and just shoving our foot in, causing sock residue to cling onto the collar area. One Indiegogo campaign is on a mission to prevent these issues and make it easier to slip on your kicks. ZIPPED has made a (you guessed it) zipper to make tying laces an easy task for casual wear.

Although the product is still in its funding phase, the company is technically selling the product through donations. What are your thoughts on this invention? Can it be tweaked to provide better lockdown on the courts? Let us know in the comments below, and check out ZIPPED’s promotional video below.

  1. Lemme try that to my foamposite pros. Just kiddin. But from a casual perspective. I think thats nice.

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