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VIDEO: Wale + Jerry Seinfeld on Collecting 500 Pairs of Sneakers

Two polar opposites wind up meeting and talking about everything & nothing… all at the same time.

Wale & Seinfeld sit down with Complex and discussed a ton of random stuff. Everything from music to sneakers, and even strippers. If you wanted to be in on the conversation then check out the videos below.

      1. Seinfeld episodes? If so, yeah, they’re still great. They hold up well. One of the best series ever IMO. Very funny.

        I recall talking to a younger guy at work about an episode a couple of months ago and he said he’s never even seen Seinfeld before. It was that one where Kramer was test driving a car and during the drive he saw that the fuel gauge was near the red and close to being empty. He then said that he always wondered how far you could go before the car runs out of fuel, so then he and the car salesman decide to push it to the limit and see what happens.

        I wonder if Seinfeld’s ever been close to coming back and doing a new show? I don’t follow him, so I’m not sure.

        Just recently saw that ‘comedians in cars getting coffee’ web series (I think it’s a web series) and that’s quite funny too.

        1. Yeah bro. I remember that one. Classics.

          I remember reading about him possibly coming back to do something of a reunion to show what happened after they got out of jail. I don’t know how legit it was, but in the article he said that the pressure to come back after all these years to do something related to it would just be too much. I think that he probably feels the same way about doing other projects that would have his name be attached to them in a major way. He is crazy loaded from stand up, the show during its prime, and re-runs. He’s worth over 800 million USD…crazy.

          I also saw an episode of that web series with Jerry and Kevin Hart. It was pretty entertaining. The younger generation is missing out. Lol! I’m 27 myself but I love(d) that show. I actually used to have all of the episodes downloaded onto a hard drive but it crashed and I lost almost everything on it.

          1. Wow! I did not know he made that much off the show. I knew he made a decent amount of money, but had no idea it was that much. I was thinking of something around 100M. That’s crazy. Did the other cast members make anywhere near that much?

            The younger guy I mentioned at work is 24, so he’s not young enough to have missed out on it completely, but he says he’s never even seen an episode of it. I thought for sure that he would have, that’s why I bought up the discussion on some of the episodes.

            Here’s a link the the web series if you want to watch more episodes online http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/

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