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VIDEO: Nike Basketball’s LeBron James On Signature Shoes

Past, present… the future might be coming soon.

Nike has been teasing the Dec. 3rd date for a while now… I think they’re preparing to expand their signature athlete roster. Stay tuned.

I dreamed about having kicks when I was a kid… my mother and I were not financially able, but now, to walk into a locker room and see a jersey with “Cleveland” on the front and “James” on the back… next to a pair of my own signature Nikes, I’m so incredibly humbled and blessed. #JustAKidFromAkron

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  1. Lebrons the MAN!..So glad we have him in our generation to watch play. Although IMO Jordan will ALWAZ be the most fun to watch play, he would alwaz give me Goosebumps at the things he used to do, I must say Lebron is right up there……

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