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Utility Pro Work Wear Links With Reebok for Exclusive Three-Piece Capsule

New York City workwear brand Utility Pro Work Wear (U.P.W.W.) and Reebok have teamed up for an unexpected collection this fall.

The three-piece collection includes a re-worked version of Reebok’s Run.r96, as well as two utility-themed jumpsuits — complete with all the hi-vis tape your heart could desire.

Surely, the most coveted piece of the collection will be the Run.r96, which is constructed from industrial strength Cordura, an extremely durable fabric resistant to tears and scuffs. It’s also covered in reflective panels, true to the theme of the collaboration.

The Run.r96 lands in an all-white colorway, with sparse hits of gray on the toe and heel. The sneaker features a tubular lacing system that includes a pull-to-tighten piece near the tongue.

Both jumpsuits feature orange and white coloring, as well as the Reebok logo on the chest. Pullover hoods on each complete the one-piece look.

If you’re interested in grabbing anything from this unisex collection, it’s all available now exclusively at VFILES and Slam Jam in Milan. The Run.r96 comes with a $220 tag, and each jumpsuit runs for $250.

Let us know what you think of the collection after taking a look at the images below.



Images courtesy of Reebok

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  1. I’ve been debating between 2 shoes wanted to hear your opinion on it. I hoop outdoors mostly (On concrete) and wanted to get a budget shoe. So I was wondering if I should get the Kyrie Flytraps or the Jordan Fly Lockdowns. I live in Australia so the prices are a bit more exspensive. Here, the Kyrie Flytraps are 115$ and the Jordans are 110$.
    With price and hooping condistions what shoe should i get ?

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