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Use Assist by SoleSavy to Cop Sneakers

SoleSavy Assist

Earlier this year, the Assist by SoleSavy Chrome extension was created to help sneaker lovers everywhere be competitive in today’s first-come-first-serve shoe releases.

What is Assist by SoleSavy? Let our own Chris Chase tell you:

Assist significantly reduces the time it takes to checkout from online sneaker retailers. It’s a super fast autofill built specifically to increase the likelihood you can purchase on launch day or during shock drops and restocks. It allows you, a manual user, to better compete with bots and all the other shenanigans that have infested the sneaker industry.

This weekend you can use it to help you get access to the much hyped Air Jordan 12 Royalty.

How to Get Assist by SoleSavy

Click the button below to join SoleSavy and get access to Assist.

Join SoleSavy

You’ll also get access to their drop alerts, member shop, guides, Slack community and much more. If you’re in the sneaker game and looking to buy limited releases each weekend, SoleSavy is a must have tool.

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