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Under Armour Micro G Charge Volt Low

Under Armour has just released their Micro G Charge Volt Low, a much lower approached than the High and Mid Charge BB.

These feature Micro G within the midsole and sockliner for cushion, HeatGear upper & a TPU midfoot shank. I’m not sure if I will test these out or not because the outsole is the same as the Charge BB & I remember how that went. They should have modified it a little or put the Spawn’s outsole on them… then I’d be more interested.

If you wanted to try a pair out for yourself then head over to UA.com.

Under Armour Micro G Charge Volt Low 1

Under Armour Micro G Charge Volt Low 2

Under Armour Micro G Charge Volt Low 3

Under Armour Micro G Charge Volt Low 4

      1. i have the charge low and im loving it. i play indoor and outdoor. on a smooth outdoor surface, the traction is excellent, it sticks to the floor and squeaks loud. the traction indoor is also very good, i have never experienced any slips at all!

    1. And by “blow out for sure” we hope you don’t mean blowing out your ankle or knee. Sheesh!

      Be careful the words you use when trying to promote basketball shoes..

      “Ball in these & we have a blow out for sure” can easily be misconstrued, especially in the context of people trying to buy secure shoes that won’t cause them any discomfort or injury… I would imagine.


      I’m back to earth now (sorry couldnt help myself) I hope somebody gets the point though.

  1. I believe this is the successor to the charge bb. Under armour tends to stick with the same midsole/outsole/cushioning setup when they produce a new version of a previous model. I guess this time around they are releasing the low top first instead of the extremely high top version. But the high top version with this upper design is in nba 2k14 and they seemed to have altered the design if the “articulated heel” piece slightly. Should be interesting.

    1. On second thought the traction of these are horrific. I love the fit, support and cushioning but I had to change to the Kobe 8s mid-game because the traction was so bad. I was playing on a dusty indoor court so the traction was bad for everyone. I found that the Kobe’s allowed me to at least plant.

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