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Under Armour Curry One ‘MVP’ – Another Look

The Under Armour Curry One ‘MVP’ gets another look, and it only makes me want them more.

Something I find interesting is that these look to have synthetic leather on the upper, much like the upcoming ‘Playoff’ colorway. I personally prefer the anaFoam, those that know me know that I prefer woven/ knitted/ mesh over leather, but leather is still something I enjoy. The colorway though… that white to black fade… the gold… my oh my.

The release date has been listed as June 13th and June 20th, but I think they drop on the 13th. Anyone going to try and grab a pair? Might be a little too limited for me to try and grab, but I would grab them if they were widely available.

Under Armour Curry One 'MVP' - Another Look 1

Under Armour Curry One 'MVP' - Another Look 2

Under Armour Curry One 'MVP' - Another Look 3

Under Armour Curry One 'MVP' - Another Look 4

Under Armour Curry One 'MVP' - Another Look 5

Under Armour Curry One 'MVP' - Another Look 6


  1. This is the shoe that I am most determined to cop this year!!! Gonna try my hardest
    to grab them because of that limited supply

  2. Since you’re a Warriors fan and live in the bay area, I think UA should send you a pair.

    I’m in Australia and I never would have bought any Under Armour shoes it if wasn’t for your site and your reviews. You’ve really helped them sell shoes that they otherwise wouldn’t have IMO if it wasn’t for your site.

    The fact that you’re a Warriors fan, I think that they should send you a pair if this is the colorway that you really want above all the others.

    1. btw thanks for changing the text color back to black on the comments section. I can now post again and read the replies. lol. It may sound silly, but that grey text colour actually kept me away from the site. I just found it too hard to read.

      Also, I take it you’ve closed the forums?

      1. What’s up Ice? I love the revert back to black text. I actually feel like posting and reading comments again.

        1. Hey man, yeah, the text colour in the comments actually put me off from posting and also even reading the comments.

          Have the forums gone?

  3. Very Interested in getting this pair, so will UnderArmour.com be the only one to release it? and at what time do they usually release it online at UA? any idea? Thanks!!

  4. What should i cop curry 1 playoffs or the father to son curry 1s its really hard for me to make the decision cause i love both cws and i can only cop one

  5. what should i cop cause im really having a hard time what to pick curry 1 father to son or curry 1 playoffs. I want to have both cws but i can only cop one shoe

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