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Under Armour Curry 7 Performance Review

HOVR and Micro G make an appearance on the Under Armour Curry 7. Do they make a difference? Find out within our performance review. It is actually one of the top available Under Armour models.

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Like most Curry models, traction is something that I never really worried about.

Herringbone is used alongside a radial pattern — both of which are my two favorite styles of traction patterns — and they worked really well. I never had to wipe the soles no matter where I played as the aggressive setup was able to quietly bite the floor and provide ample grip. This setup is perfect for, well, anyone looking for traction. Its multidirectional coverage is perfect for any player, any style of play and any move/footwork you can throw at them.

The rubber is slightly on the soft side so outdoor players will notice some fraying and grinding of the pattern. Luckily, there is a lot of rubber and multiple layers of both patterns so while it may wear down quickly, at least there is some additional pattern to go around.

Under Armour went with a dual setup here, enlisting both of its best proprietary foam compounds. Unfortunately, the cushion feels much like it does on every other Curry signature shoe — lackluster and firm.

If you’re expecting the bounce back from the Micro G and a springy plushness from the HOVR then you’ll be disappointed. Despite utilizing the tech names the setup is still firm. Stable, but firm.

This type of setup is great for those wanting a quick feeling shoe that wont sink under their feet. Stability is typically a priority when it comes to Curry’s footwear and this shoe is no different. Great for shooters, and anyone else looking for a low profile and stable setup. Similar to a Kyrie style shoe, if we’re going to compare to another guard’s signature, but without the awkwardly rounded tooling.

The knit that I enjoyed on the Curry 6 is gone and has been replaced with some textiles and a lot of synthetics.

I don’t mind the setup as it works really well on-court. So, from a performance perspective there is not much to complain about. Where I feel a bit of “meh” towards the setup is that this is a signature shoe without a signature feel. There is nothing that is premium with these, and there could have been.

Instead of using 100% synthetics, a little bit of leather, suede or nubuck could have been used. You could have still kept a lot of the TPU layers, as they don’t stretch and provide a level of durability that raw materials don’t, but the collar area, and perhaps the toe cap, could have been a nice raw material and would have given the shoe a really unique feel amongst a lineup of signature models comprised of mesh, ripstop, and knits.

Again, performance is everything and on that end there are no complaints. I just think that what UA did with the Under Armour Forge 96 was a perfect blend of premium/raw materials along with modern synthetics and textiles. It really would have taken the Curry 7 up a notch from the rest of the signature shoes available.

The fit for the Curry 7 I felt was true to size.

They fit my foot a little better straight out of the box than the Curry 6, which needed a bit of breaking in before everything felt “right”. Maybe its due to the material change, but these just felt a little better in terms of overall fit and lockdown.

If you’ve happened to have worn the Curry 3Zer0.3 then that is what I feel is most comparable to the Curry 7. Otherwise these are just better fitting than the Curry 6.

Support is very good on the Curry 7. They look like a runner, which may throw off some people, but the way they’re built just cradled my foot perfectly.

The HOVR that wraps up the sidewalls and is ensuring your foot doesn’t slide off the footbed. There is an internal heel counter along with the TPU moderator plater to help stabilize the footbed. While there is an outrigger, it’s not as present as previous models, but works just as good. They’ve found a way to slim down the overall design and make them just as supportive. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but the setup works wonderfully. It might even be the most supportive Curry since the Curry 1.

The Under Armour Curry 7 is a beast on-court.

Traction is great. Materials work wonderfully — despite not having that premium feel. The fit may vary from person to person, since no two feet are alike, but they fit me perfectly. Support was awesome.

Cushion is the one area that I felt disappointed with. I know this is a Curry shoe, therefore we can expect a firmer setup, but the way the shoe is marketed with a heavy focus on UA’s two best foams — which happen to be two of the best foam cushions on the market — without either of the two foams feeling the way I had hoped/expected left me slightly bummed out.

Luckily, everything else on the shoe works so damn good that they stay in my rotation. You never know when you’re going to head to the gym and the floor be a mess. Having something with traction as reliable as this is never a bad thing to have in your gym bag.

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