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Under Armour Curry 5 Performance Review

under armour curry 5 performance review

This is my Under Armour Curry 5 Performance Review…sort of.

In the past, shoes that I was unable to complete wear-testing for one reason or another (usually due to pain, discomfort, or overall poor performance) I simply stop testing and skip a full performance review. For years I felt that by saying nothing about a shoe it would be a clear indicator to readers and viewers that the shoe is not recommended.

Unfortunately, today we’re in a digital age where many are complaining about bias towards certain brands. Despite the fact that the information we provide is free for readers, and usually comes at the expense of the tester — in both body and wallet (though we’re thankful when we receive a product for free, like this Curry 5) — we’re still forced to listen to faceless keyboard warriors talk down to us, involve our families and children, and all the other s**t we typically keep quiet about simply because we don’t like a shoe enough to continue testing it.

I’d rather have fun playing basketball than forcing myself to wear a shoe that destroys my feet. Why people lash out, slander, and accuse my kids of being part of the problem is beyond me. Apparently, sneakers are just that important.

At WearTesters we have skipped shoes from all brands. Here’s a quick list: the Jordan Melo M13, Brandblack Delta, Nike Mamba Instinct, 361 Shadow Blade Away, Under Armour Drive 4, ANTA KT Light, Under Armour Charged Controller.

Nearly every brand has been listed other than adidas, which leaves room for people to change their perspective on me being biased towards Brandblack and UA to now being biased towards adidas. It turns out that you can’t win even when you’re 100% honest, like we’ve always been.

What I’m trying to say is that from now on, instead of skipping a shoe that I feel is poor overall — and assuming that everyone is able to understand that by skipping a shoe altogether it means the product is not recommended — I’ll give smaller performance reviews to let readers know that I tried to play in the and it just wasn’t working out.

That does not mean the product won’t work for everyone, but that the product simply didn’t work for me. Thus, I’ll be doing something short and sweet. Well, maybe not so sweet for the brand that created the product, but that really isn’t my fault.

My intent is never to upset a brand or design team, but at the same time, I have opinions on products and that in itself should be respected with how vast my experience is. I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years now, and I’ve played in everything. Not every shoe is a winner. I know when a product isn’t good and my job is to say so.

This all leads me to the Under Armour Curry 5. It is simply not a shoe I can recommend. There are four other good Curry models, but this just isn’t the one.

The reasons why are simple. Traction is very inconsistent, something that I haven’t experienced in a Curry model prior to the Curry 5, and the fit is horrendous. Painfully horrendous. The Curry 4’s eyelets did a number on the top of my feet while testing those, but the shoe eventually broke in and became a shoe that I loved, one of my favorites of last year.

The Curry 5 has ripped apart the arches of both of feet. This took me out for a couple of days — and that is costly when my job is testing basketball sneakers. I foolishly tried playing in the shoe again after those few days of rest only to have the areas get ripped apart even more.

under armour curry 5 performance review blisters 1

under armour curry 5 performance review fit

Anytime I put the Curry 5 back on the fuse welds inside the arch begin to chafe my arches. I only have so much skin there and I’m tired of losing it. At risk of further injury and potential infection, I just cannot wear the shoe any longer.

As stated above, my issues may not be everyone’s issues, but several people I know have had similar issues with the Curry 5. Curry, as well as many other professional athletes, are taped up by their trainers. This buffer between their feet and the fuse welds likely makes it so they will never experience the issues I have.

If you wanted to buy the shoe and would like to avoid the same issues then I’d recommend taping up your arches or buying some sort of thin neoprene ankle brace that covers the area. Could I do this and return to testing the shoe? Yes, but I don’t want to.

If I can’t lace up a shoe the way I would any other shoe and start playing without some kind of injury or pain then it is simply not worth it. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy playing basketball more than I enjoy wear-testing shoes. I also enjoy staying injury free.

Those are my reasons as to why I do not enjoy playing in the Under Armour Curry 5 and why I cannot recommend the sneaker. If you’re looking to wear them casually as a fan of Stephen Curry then that’s one thing, but if you’re looking for your next hoop shoe then I just can’t recommend the product.

under armour curry 5 performance review blisters

Luckily my feet are finally healing and I’m able to play in other shoes, but the Curry 5 isn’t going back on my feet again.

I’ve created a score card based on my time playing in the shoe just for those that prefer to look at the scores and skip everything else, or for those that feel the score cards give a bit of content to the words within the review — even though it’s really the other way around.

Hopefully, I won’t have to do another “review” like this for a while. My feet are still healing from the painful holes the Curry 5 put there. They’ll likely leave scars, which I have plenty of all over my feet and ankles — they’re reminders of how awful each of the shoes that left them were.

The Curry 5 is just not a winner in terms of performance, and it’s one of many shoes from all brands that I have tested over the last 10 years that was not a winner. Not all shoes are awesome.

under armour curry 5 performance review score

  1. Ouch man! I can’t thank you enough for all your reviews throughout the years along with the Weartesters/Kicks on Court community you created here.

    If you ever set something up in Patreon or similar, I’m there no questions asked! Again, I can’t emphasize enough on how much I value your channel, the other esteemed WearTester partners, and the community here itself.

  2. Don’t feed the trolls yo. Keep doing your thing.

    My opinion is that you can gauge a person’s maturity by how they react when you disagree with their preference or opinion. Not FACT, but preference or opinion. So if I love a shoe that someone hates, or vice versa, I try not to trip because people have different preferences. I’m still learning and I’m not perfect, but I’ve grown a ton in that sense. Lots of people dislike shoes that I like and that’s life.

    You can bet some people out there will LOVE the Curry 5, and some people will hate it. I wasn’t interested prior to this review because of the EVA, so even if you posted a glowing review I still wouldn’t get them. Just like the Curry 4 – I don’t want to pay for and play in a sig. shoe that uses EVA, regardless of what reviews might say.

  3. Heal up man! Thanks for all the sacrifices that you’ve done for us throughout 10 freaking awesome years! Really appreciate it! Helped me a lot choosing my ball shoes Keep it up!

    And F*ck those keyboard warriors!!

    Frm. FiloDadDownUnder

  4. Appreciate what you did day in and day out testing sneakers, man. I’m always on tight budget when it comes to sneakers, so seeing performance review before investing in it is one of the reason that brought me back here. So keep doing your things and godspeed on the healing process.

    Anyway, the shoe itself looks dissapointing from aesthethics perspective alone. I had similar issues with chaffing on arch of the foot with the Kobe 7.

  5. Damn dude. I been with you since 08/09 and I never really realized how hard it must be on your feet testing all these different brands. Btw, damn. That’s nasty dude…

  6. It’s crazy how some shoes will just kill you, I’ve had arch issues as well with the bred AJ32 low, messed up my left arch playing ball, the AJ23 which I only wear casually is a feet demolisher for me, both shoes pinch the hell put of my pinky toes, is so painful I cannot wait until I can take them off then go months without wearing them, some shoes regardless of brand names just don’t make the cut, does not matter how much we love them.

  7. Heal up Chris! I’m sorry to hear about what you guys go through behind the scene. No one should include family into this, I stand behind your reviews because they are honest and pure. If those haters want to doubt you, they can easilly go into the shoe store and try them on and experience somewhat of the performance features of the shoe. But after reading this review, it leads me to one question out of curiousity, what shoe is worst? The Kobe A.D or the Curry 5?

  8. I am amazed UA put this product out if people are having so many issues with it. Maybe they can rename the Curry 5 to the Lemon Curry LOL

  9. We appreciate everything you do for us and I personally thank you being my go to for performance reviews. Keep it up Nightwing! Love your work and grateful for everything you do!!

  10. You guys are awesome..you guys were my guide in terms of shoe performance and all..i appreciate your time weartesting these shoes to provide details on the shoe that people might wanna buy..before i buy a certain shoe..i double check 1st at your website if its good or not..most of the time you guys are right..ty weartesters

  11. Just don’t understand How UA can create these dame poor shoes for the Curry product line and for their customers. If the price of the shoes are over 100, then these shoes should be at least in good cushion and good protection to protect our feet from injury or getting hurt.

    Thank you for all the testing reports from all years for us. I seldom leave comment, but I am a true fans of your site and look at it every days 6 years because your works are great and truly trustable!!

  12. I can’t believe people are being this ungrateful and rude when they are the ones getting your reviews FOR FREE! You give us your review and you go through the tests and purchase them at no cost to us and potentially save us from spending our money on the wrong shoes. I have made great buying choices through your reviews, NW and I appreciate that we are getting your reviews even if it costs you your health. Heal up, bro and don’t let the ungrateful, rude, and selfish people get to you.

  13. Is the brandblack delta that bad? Can you do a quick review or video about them? I live in Mexico and i can’t see them in person to judge them by myself.

  14. Woah! Hope those heal up fast bro. I agree with those above who have posted not to feed the trolls but I do understand when something just needs to be said. Unfortunately, in this day and age of “get it quick, get it now”, I’m not even sure if the right people will take the time to read all that you wrote. I’m not bashing an age group but rather a state of mind. I know older people who have fallen prey to this way of thinking now too.

    In any case, thanks for the continued work that you guys here at WT do from the testing to the write ups. It’s all appreciated by me.

    Trezz aka Dmarr

  15. i can barely handle one blister. This is the most painful review to date. This should be rated M for mature audiences only. Too much skin showing here for me.

  16. The only people who question your morals, are those idiots from NikeTalk. Now that Nike is under fire for being just as racist and misogynistic as any other corporate business, note that anything negative coming out about Nike, will never be posted on that bullshit site. Fuck’em Nightwing, keep doing your thing.

  17. Yo man, heal up. You’ve laying out your knees and foot for us so we get the best of our hard earned cash.

    Thanks man for doing this but seriously, take care of yourself. Been following you since Jordan 2009 (got the black one coz I got curious based on your review).

  18. Appreciate what you do man, when I’m curious about a shoe, the first thing I do is check what Nightwing’s got to say about em!

  19. Clean and honest.. that is how I would like to describe your review for this shoe.. I am one of the Filipinos who continually support you and your channel.. we appreaciate your work.. Get well soon!..

  20. Hey Man! Hands down respect to you bro for being a soldier and taking on the infamous curry 5 for us. Hope your feet heal to the fullest! One question though, arent you a size 10 in shoes? Cause i saw the size of the curry in the photo and it says size 9, and that is reallly tight. Maybe going back to size 10 would help you prevent blister?

      1. oh shoot my bad man! Freak those curry’s really do need to get benched! Hope this doesnt happen again to you!

  21. Damn that looks painful! I’m surprised you played in them long enough for the blisters to get that bad. That’s dedication.

    P.S. I would have appreciated a warning for graphic images.

  22. Thank you very much for doing this type of review. I think its important to let people know when shoes have issues like this. Simply staying quiet isn’t helpful IMHO (I’m entitled) as we can only guess what the problems may have been.

    Wow. I thought these might be bad judging from the Instagram conversation you had with Jarron but I had no idea it was this bad. I guess its a good thing only the small friends and family release occurred before the news came out. These having such issues really makes you question why they seemed to fast track these and release them so early (the 4’s only came out 5 or so months ago). Its a shame. I love how these look.

    Thanks again and get better soon.

  23. You save us so much time and money with all the dirty work you do… Thank you

    quality advice is priceless

  24. You also skipped the crazy explosive 2017 review. So technically there is an adidas shoe on that list.

    For clarity- was it because you thought they were trash? There were definitely some differences from the 16 to 17 that warranted a review but I was copping them regardless so, oh well.

    I appreciate you finally clearly and officially addressing the skipping on some models. I know you commented on it occasionally but never very clearly and cogently like you did this time.

    I’m not a keyboard warrior and I wasn’t talking about anyone’s kids (that’s pretty wild), but over the years I have had questions as to why some shoes that were trash, that you had in your possession, didn’t get a complete review.

    In my defense and for the others that questioned it, it was not always clear as to why some reviews were skipped even though you say you believed that the reason was clearly implied. You gotta realize that people have different perspectives on your reviews and people can arrive at conclusions that would implicate you in having ulterior motives if you don’t clearly state your position on the non-review thing.

    You gotta remember that this is the internet and with a large audience, it’s just best to cover your bases and always provide context to avoid confusion and negativity that gets lobbed your way.

    Thanks for clearing this up. While I can’t speak for others, I’ll stop giving your ass a hard time.


    1. I skipped the CE17 because everyone here had already completed their reviews and they were the same as mine. No need for so many reviews saying the same thing.

      Whenever asked about why I particular shoe wasn’t reviewed or completed I’d be 100% open and honest about it letting the person know I didn’t like the shoe.

      Just because this is the internet that doesn’t mean that people with their own agenda or bias against someone like myself can or should start things off with assumptions or false accusations. If you or someone else comes up with some type of conclusion that I’m pro brand instead of pro consumer without asking me about the shoe then that isn’t my fault. That is the fault of the person jumping to conclusions.

      If I text my wife and she gets back to me in an hour do I jump to conclusions as to why she didn’t text me back sooner or do I just accept that she was doing something other than holding her phone in her hand. It takes a very insecure person to jump to conclusions when the best thing to do is simply ask first.

      This being the internet is not an excuse for poor behavior. Plain and simple. Especially over some shoes.

      Some people just need to grow up and get real. I’m not risking my reputation for a free pair of shoes. That’d be asinine.

      1. You can avoid people jumping to conclusions by making this post and the video you made.

        You have a tendency to come off as a bit snarky. Sometimes that will spark folks to come for your neck in the comments. Deal with that.

        As for the example about your wife… one view of that is “yeah I’m not gonna to trip about her not getting back to me right away”. The other view (and this is not necessarily insecure no matter what you say) is that she has moved on from the relationship and that may have absolutely nothing to do with you or something you did. There are also 100 other views a person could have of her not replying. It’s not as black and white as you want it to be. You can oversimplify it to make yourself feel better (and it could be just that simple) or you can look at it another way. There is never just one answer… people don’t have to be insecure to assume things. Life operates on a chain of assumptions.

        So it’s simple, continue to be this clear and you’ll get less grief from the people that decide that you’re compelling enough to interact with on this medium or any other. IF you decide not to be as clear, it will be more of the same assumptions from people , and you’d be partially at fault because the way the comments section is set up- you post something and people respond and react to it.

        1. Which is one of the reasons why this post was written.

          I understand some people choose to read anything I write as it being snarky. One can say the same for everything you’ve written. Depends on how someone wishes to read it. Or, in your words, deal with it. Unlike the average comment left on the site, I have videos showing just how I speak, act, and react to comments. Adding my thoughts and insites to what people leave as comments during first impression videos to show that I don’t say things snarky in response to someone. Unfortunately, I cannot help how someone reads what another writes. We deal with it daily. Hundreds of times a day. Rarely do I say anything as it doesn’t do any good anyway. There is always someone out there trying their best to reverse what you say in an attempt to make themselves feel important. Fine with me.

          So, it is simple. Treat people with respect. Don’t assume without facts as it makes you (not you personally) look like an ass out of everyone involved. If you have a question, ask it. I’ll respond. Respect. Who woulda thought. (That’s me being snarky/sarcastic)

          1. Well, his first comment was fine but the second comment did make him look snarky and just acting contrary…

  25. Props for the honesty my dude. I’ve seen other reviewers on YT stating it’s a good shoe so it makes me question those channels. I mean not everyone of these big names shoes can be winners so it’s nice to know you’re still keeping it 100. Hope the feet heal up.

  26. Review or, summation of the experience was pretty telling of this shoe. UA has been handling the Curry line a bit wacky, almost in line when they were reporting drop in stock and such. The 5 came out really, really soon. Maybe it was an attempted angle to skip the 0.5/Elite gimmick, but just about everyone was stuck guessing on what it offered to start. Add the silly pre-heat releases with drop again later anyway, and the ongoing bundle practice, I don’t get what UA is doing.

    We still got mystery cushion (or lack thereof), in my opinion I thought the laces stopped short of the collar just looking at it, every cue seems applied for style’s sake. Ups for trying to figure out what these were actually about firsthand. Unfortunate to hear they really were that bad. As someone who was skeptical from the start, now I’m thinking really did half-ass their way around.

    The 4 could lean on the whole “they made a shoe for their player”, but I couldn’t get over the fact that there’s just no compromise if it doesn’t fit perfectly. I can usually make other imperfect fits serviceable at the least, but the at some point I found that with the 4, it was a case of putting up with a shoe’s hassles above all else. Seems like the Curry 5 goes down a further path.

  27. nightwing2303 don’t even feel like you have to apologise for not reviewing a shoe.
    I’ve had many a wasted shoe purchase that frustrated me with poor fit, chafing and blisters… Reebok Talkin’ Crazy, T Mac 4 among others.
    Following your site and channel for quite a while now I trust that you know what you’re talking about. Others do too and you have your core demographic who trust you and know you by now.
    You gotta do what’s right by you. Taking time off for injury can be costly, that’s your livelihood. Don’t pander and feel you gotta answer those button jockeys.
    Keep up the good work brother.

  28. I actually enjoy the negative reviews. To me it is as important to know what works and what doesn’t. While everyone has different foot shape and needs when it comes to basketball shoes, it always helps to know better about them, which is what we are here for. We are obviously searching for the perfect basketball shoes for ourselves, and to get there it sometimes requires knowing and learning from the flawed ones.

  29. Hi Nightwing, I totally agree with you.
    I love your reviews; many times I saved some hard earned cash thanks to your tests.
    And I had the same arc problem with many shoes from UA and Nike, like Kobe 7, KD8 and mainly Jordan Superfly 4, these shoes ruins my arc for months… After Superfly 4, I can’t play bball due to arc pain, and I need for month prior to play again!
    Thank for you fantastic job!
    Daniele from Italy

  30. Kudos to you Nightwing. I also don’t want to destroy my feet just for the sake of performance. I also experience chafing on my big toes and blisters near their joints when I was still playing track and field athletics back in highschool. The pain man, can’t stand or walk on extended periods. Let alone I have to be wearing leather shoes because of my school uniform. Took me like about 3 weeks to heal. Don’t want to experience that again.

    I still keep watching every video from the team, keep up the good work guys.

    Side question: Is there going to be a DH3 review? hehe

  31. Hello! I follow your chanel and site for a long time now (since kicks on court) and, as I have stated in another post involving a subject on your honesty, I am one hundred percent with you and WEARTESTERS, having witnessed your dedication and your passion for sneakers and I can testify that I had a real benefit from your FREE work, saving me both money and time in making the right choice for my basketball shoes.
    Again, as I stated before, I am aware that we are not all alike and there might be some differences in my choices, but that concerns either the fact that I value something more than anything else in a shoe, or the fact that a shoe might not work for me as it works for you because of stye-of-play differences end because of anatomical (height/weight, muscle-mass) differences.
    That being said, you really have to question yourself and what you are doing when you have no negative comments… Unfortunately, in this day, everyone with a keyboard feels entitled to act as an opinion leader even not knowing what he/she is talking about.
    Keep up the good work and be sure that the silent majority apreciates your work!

  32. Dear Chris,

    I greatly appreciate all the work you and team Weartesters are doing. Your reviews are golden for people that look for this ‘one pair a year’- Rose’s 6 are still my only ones after your recommendation. Additionally you are funny and entartaining!

    At the same time I really support this new idea- short summary for the shoes that you will not continue weartesting. For me such an information would be very important. I dont always follow your Insta to see that you started weartesting a certain shoe, and then to know that if there is no review that means you didnt like it for some reason. It can be one paraghraph thing, just to give heads up if something is really not cool, like here with Curry 5.

    And on Curry 5’s… man, this is a company selling worldwiede, they have one of the greatest players in the game EVER, and to release such a shoe? Even if for some it still fits for some, it cant do such horrific injuries to anyone… I wish them really all the best, but it seems like they did not even weartest them properly in the process…


  33. this is what all I was after, for the shoes that were reviewed but did not make the cut. just opinions and write-ups as to why and how and whatnot, no need for an actual video to be posted. I was waiting for any of the 2017 and1 models, so yeah I figured that when no review showed up, they were that bad on court. just left me asking why though.

    regardless, keep up the consistent great work.

  34. This is disappointing to hear. I was very disappointed in the curry4… cheap material that was just unbearable for me to break in. Then the complete lack of cushion just say to painful to wear for longer than 1to 2 games. I thought they would have improved on the 5. But i will pass on these completely. If your experience was that horrible i don’t even want to see if they’ll happen to me. Cause as it is the curry 4s i have sit in a box now. Don’t need the 5s doing the same

  35. I wish UA the best, but the way the do business lately is not assuring. I was very much looking forward to model 5 hoping they will redeem themselves, but nope, this is a big fat fail from my point of view.

  36. It’s this digital age where people have become so pathetic where they’re faceless and talk sh*t to you. In real life, they have no guts and balls to say it to your faces. You’ve been doing this since ’09. People like me haven’t done squat yet you’re here still helping people like me with shoes. Those faceless cowards need to thank you. You’re the Joel osteen of shoe reviews.

  37. Nightwing is the realiest ? Appreciate you for what you do. Making your shoe reviews more about accuracy than about having them done first. I think all performance reviewers should pay homage to you. Thanks again for your work.

  38. Honestly, I’m glad you changed your mind about the review of bad shoes. I have commented previously, even if it is a bad shoe, it is very interesting for me to know why it is a bad shoe.
    For example, I always wanted to know how the Brandblack Delta performs, and I looked forward to it, and it’s something that I’m still very interested in knowing, even knowing that it’s not that good.
    I’m from Argentina and most of these products are impossible to get here, and I’m still interested in how to perform.
    I’m interested in shoes and their technology, whether they work or not. And I believe that you are the person indicated to provide a professional, and credible opinion.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  39. WOW! I recall my experience with the UA Curry 1’s and it was horrible. The cushion was horrible, I tried replacing them with other brands and it was just a bad experience/ fit. I tried making it work several times but I concluded never again to play in Currys. I purchased Adidas basketball shoe and things were back to normal. Not surprised to see this happening to anyone; I’ve yet to experience a good UA hoop shoe and I don’t plan on trying again

  40. Well first off thank you Chris for putting in the work you have so we have the ability to choose products based off our preferences and/or quality, price etc. All those people who like to put in their 2 cents bashing the people that are trying to help us out are idiots. Every brand has highs and lows, at one point UA had the Torch which I loved and Spawn Anatomix which blew away the market at an affordable price, then there’s years when Jordan’s Flight Plate made the brand a step above the rest, where as right now Adidas is finally making consistent models. Brands improve and change because of what people in Weartesters do and when we use their information to adjust to better models/products, forcing brands to change. For that, Chris and everyone at Weartesters, thank you for the work again, not everyone is grateful but you guys always put up great information.

  41. Bro this is why you the #1 GOAT on Youtube. Ive been a fan since the early stages of your career and I know you always put the realest and honest reviews! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO KEEP IT UP

  42. damn, those look horrible, the last time I had a bad case of blisters and dead toe nails was way back when I was piss poor and could only afford to buy me some low grade rubber shoes sold in the streets that I wore. considering how big a company UA is, someone really messed up really bad and should get shot. for over $100, this is a case for a lawsuit. I’d say a product recall should be done. not kidding.

  43. sorry for the crap that you and your team had to deal with daily. any type of personal attacks is inappropriate, if they don’t like your reviews, they need to just move on. there shouldn’t be any type of conversation besides the sneaker in review. it’s stupid to think just because it’s the internet you can type whatever you want, whether it’s appropriate or not.

    keep up the great work, all the weartesters!

  44. I am also a size 9 but I wear up to 9.5 depending on the shoe and because I always wear double socks because of my slim narrow feet. I remembered back in 2012 or 2013 I’ve had that same problem with my Kobe 7 that it hurts on the arch I believe because of the large carbon fiber plate and the fit of that hyperfuse but it didn’t have blisters like that I guess because I wear double socks but there was pain and I guess the shoe broke in so the pain lessened but it was still there so I just sold the shoe.

  45. Damn Chris you know you’re a Brandblack and Adidas fanboy, we know you’re on they’re payroll, lol. But seriously, block out all these haters because you are never gonna please them, they can go back to NikeTalk and stay there. I personally agree with yours, Byran and Stans reviews 99% of the time and APs and Jarrons about 95% (because they play a different style than I do and need different things)

    You and the whole WTs crew provide free to use information that saves us money and gives us direction in hoop shoes. And then on top off that you give back to the community be giving/donating/selling for the low ($1) the shoes you don’t keep through out the year. I don’t think anyone who’s been riding with you knows you keep it 100% every time.

    Do you love Brandblack and Adidas (#BoostIsLife!), I’m sure you do as do many of use, because for the most part they’ve been killin it with their releases, but you also point out their kicks flaws and short comings as you do with Adidas, UA (I love Micro G, they need to bring it back and HOVR is sweet) , Antas, Li-Ning, Reebok (anybody remember painful ZigTech) and do no wrong Nike (cause basketball React was soooo fabulous.

    Keep doing what you’re doin bro and I think you’re doing the right thing by even putting out the bad reviews, unfortunately at the expense of WTs feet.

    One last thing, I know there are other reviews out there, I know you’ve probably been asked 1000 times, I know it’s been out for a while, I know you said you weren’t gonna review it because of containment reasons if I remember correctly. But would you, could you please do a review or small write up on the BB Delta, that was a captivating silhouette with awesome potential and somewhere it went wrong. And now that it’s on discount, me personally as I’m sure many others would love your more detailed thoughts on the Delta.

    1. all is fair in love and war. point is, there will always be a positive and a negative feedback from people. besides, it would be hypocritical if only positives would be taken into account and pretty much defeats the purpose of asking for opinions and here having a message box. this doesn’t mean I encourage people’s stupidity and bias nor condone certain response. there will always be supporters and detractors and just as much as supporters being downright negative to other reviewers other than Cris. it works both ways. agree to disagree. although childish remarks and personal attacks should be discouraged and monitored.

  46. This is the best crew ever. To receive so much UNBIASED content from lovers of the game in Brasil is a true gift.

    Keep on Dropping THE KNOWLEDGE. This the best review and information consumer product team I’ve ever found.

    And guys, I won’t say sthg like ” Ignore the Haters” A good straight answers in this era of no digital accountability sometimes is a must.

    Thanks Chris/NW, really, and tks to all the Crew.. Noah, AP, Leak, etc..you guys are maniacs.

    Duke and Stan as a wide footer shrek playa must say we roll together boys, love your work!

  47. Nightwing appreciate what you are doing man. One question though, I thought you liked the mentality line? I might have misinterpreted it but did the mamba instinct played differently from the mentality 1 and 2 despite being almost the same shoe?

    1. I enjoyed the Mentality line, but the Instinct is not the same shoe. The second Instinct (called the Mamba Rage) is a decent shoe, but the Mamba Instinct had a Fuse toe panel that would stab my toes upon certain movements making them nearly unbearable to wear.

      1. Thanks for the response man. Good thing I did not cop the instinct. I had multiple chance in getting it under retail last year but I kept on waiting for a review which never came so I thought it must have sucked. My go to hoop pair is the kobe 9 EMs and wanted a Kobe with a drop in midsole but did not want to overspend on the AD NXT (had my first baby so formula and diaper comes first) so I was thinking about the Instinct which would habe been a steal at 50% off. I guess I trusted my instinct after not seeing a review and stuck to the 9s during serious games (played in PG, Kyrie, and Lebron during pick ups and practices to preserve the 9s). Maybe I will wait until I get some good reviews on the AD NXT 360 and get it under retail.

  48. You know i think i know why curry doesnt have problems with any of the digging his shoes have on his foot. I think its because he wears the zamst ankle brace. he may not wear it on warm-ups because he’s not making super hard cuts and movement, but during intense games he wears those braces. The ankle brace wraps around his arc and half of the surface of his foot. Because of that, the digging pressure just go’s straight to the zamst overlay then his freaking foot. Maybe the curry line is just designed to have an ankle brace along with it because of curry’s flimsy ankles…

  49. @nightwing2303, just continue what you are doing man. with the honesty and straightforwardness, you are doing help to others more than people think that you not. As they say, you can not please everybody. Someway, somehow, people will always have something to say against you. Bless you man!

  50. I haven’t always agreed with what you’ve said about a shoe, but the honesty is felt and the content seems as pure as it’ll get (please keep it this way). Your experience and efforts are respected. There have been plenty of times where I think about an issue I have with a shoe and remember someone at weartesters has definitely addressed this. Im more in line with the “don’t feed the trolls” with all I do, but doesn’t mean lines don’t get crossed; sorry to hear that it’s been so prominent. Given the nature of what you do, your bodily health is invaluable. Take care of yourself

  51. Hey nightwing,
    Thanks for everything, it’s been many years of shoes and reviews, not just for performance but for improved life quality after a broken spine – most people are amazed by the difference shoe cushioning can make, having an absorbant cushion with little energy return allows me to do things I’d be otherwise unable to.
    Don’t let the internet trolls and rabid fanboys get to you, just do what you do, the way you do it – those of us who need high quality objective information very much appreciate it.

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