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Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Knockout/ Pirate Blue – Black – Available Now

Another new colorway for the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn has released and it just happens to be my favorite colorway.

Not sure why this is my favorite colorway… it just looks cool to me. If it looks cool to you and you’d like the most out of your $120 then head over to FinishLine.com and grab a pair.

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Knockout Pirate Blue - Black - Available Now 1

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Knockout Pirate Blue - Black - Available Now 2

      1. I was asking him if he is basing that on pictures he has seen or if he’s seen a pair in person. Absolutely nothing wrong with that I asked. I wanted to know because I want to buy a pair of these shoes at some point. I don’t have access to them, I can’t go into a store and look at them, when I order, it will have to be online, so I have to try and get as much information as possible from reviewers like Nightwing and also people here that own the shoes, or have at least seen them in person.

        And don’t tell me to shut up, you’re the one the needs to shut up instead of jumping the gun. It was a legit question, which it doesn’t seem you even understood what I was asking. It seems like you took it as me having a shot at him.

      2. Then say with all caps THIS IS A LEGIT QUESTION announce it to the world to all y’all keep on hatin and junk on each other give it a rest

  1. I’d like to know how the Anatomix Spawn fits and how sturdy the material is. While both the Torch and the Spine Bionic fit true to size, they fit very differently.
    The Bionic Spine has a lot of wiggle room for my toes and even allows for some lateral movement of my foot in the shoe, which I hate. But i couldn’t go down half a size because of the lenght of the shoe and the sturdyness of the material.
    The Torch does not have any wiggle room and I would even consider it to small in length if the material wasnt so soft. And exactly that softness is my problem when I do lateral movements on court. I feel my foot deform the material and get close to roll over, it never does though, it just feels odd. I lace the shoe up as much as I can and it will get better but the feeling is still there.
    So my questions are:
    How sturdy is the material of the Anatomix Spawn?
    How much room to the side of the shoe is there in the forefoot area in comparison to the other models?
    How much wiggle room is there in comparison to the other models?
    How long is the shoe in comparison to the other models?

    About why I ask:
    I will order the Anatomix Spawn from US to Germany for they don’t seem to get imported any time soon.
    I ordered the Torch and was very lucky, because what I would normally considered to be too small seems to just fit right in regard of the soft material.

    @ Nightwing:
    I would appreciate if you would consider those points in the upcoming performance review.
    And thanks for your effort with everything on the site!!!

    1. I just bought both the new Torch to use outdoor and the new Spawns for indoor. It is true that they both fir differently. The new torch is not as soft as last years model and the support has definitely been upgraded. They feel more sturdy without being difficult to move in. This is probably because of the new lacing system which allows it to somewhat wrap around the foot. Traction is the same and cushion could be said to be even better than last year’s even though I’m not sure why that would be since they appear to have the same exact midsole and outsole.

      As for the Spawns…I have never had a shoe fit like this before. They literally feel like socks. The one to one fit is incredible which makes the support even better. There really is no dead space but it isn’t uncomfortable. I usually have a hard time finding shoes that don’t irritate my small outer toes but these have the mesh like fuse in all the right places to alleviate pain while still allowing the shoe to fit as one with the foot. I was too impatient to wait for the review and I don’t regret it at all. Both shoes are worth their costs and I couldn’t be happier. They also fit true to size. I usually wear a size 9.5 and they fit fine from both a length and width perspective.

      All this comes from a guy who has bought more shoes this year than my wife can bare. I just got the Superfly 2 before getting these a few weeks later. I hope this helps.

      1. This really helps alot. You covered everything I asked about. I will order them in my regular size and wont even have to worry about the fit.
        Thanks Trezz!

          1. thank you but I have one more question:
            I got two basketball shoes: D.Rose and Melo M8 Advance. But they have different size. The D.Rose is 10.5 and the Melo M8 is in 10. which size would you recommend me. the bigger size or the smaller one? thank you

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