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Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Deconstructed

If you were wondering what the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn looks like deconstructed then you’ll enjoy these images.

Long7 has taken these bad boys apart and given you a look at what everything looks like while broken down.

Under Armour really did a great job with this shoe, keeping things minimal to a point but without making sacrifices that could potentially turn away new customers. Plus… they have Micro G.

Do you own the Anatomix Spawn? If so, share your thoughts on them down below.

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Deconstructed 1

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Deconstructed 2

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Deconstructed 3

  1. I thought they played great. Everything you mentioned was pretty much on point. But for some reason the arc support felt like it went up to high and it game me blisters on the left foot. Unfortunately I had to return it.

    1. I had these and just returned them for another pair. The left one gave me issues too… Maybe they had a bad run. Did you have the Orange ones??

  2. I have bought two pair for my son (loves them) and I have ordered a pair for myself. I must say they are great shoes and perform much better than I anticipated. My son wears them for all league, school games, even practice. Since he liked the Jordan XX8 so much I thought about getting the XX8 SE but he likes the Spawn just as much. Why spend the $150?

  3. Are these long lasting for outdoor?we asian hardly have a good indoor court,but i knew hyperdunk 2012 last longer

    1. I don’t think the traction is durable enough for outdoor play. I would have bought a pair already if you could use these outdoors.

      Under Armour really need to take a look at their traction and think about improving it on a lot of their models. The price of their shoes are great, but they don’t seem to have great, great traction, and usually, you can’t use most of their models outdoors. Apart from the Torch, can anyone tell me if the traction on any of their other shoes would hold up outdoors?

      I think they are missing out on a ton of sales with their non durable traction and also just average performing traction on most of their models.

      The Spawn is a very good shoe, but unfortunately the traction won’t hold up at all outdoors.

  4. I personally don’t like the way the shoe fits there’s too much dead space around the bottom of the tougue

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