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Top Performance Picks 2015

Editor’s Note: We now have an updated list of the Best Basketball Shoes. Click this link for our latest recommendations.

It’s that time of the year where I bring you my top performance picks of the year. Usually this entails a Top 10 List, but there were more than 10 great performance models this year and I couldn’t make up my mind on which shoes to exclude. So, I ended up just detailing my top performance picks for 2015. Any of the shoes listed would be good on-court options as long as they meet your needs and/or requirements.

Check out my Top Performance Picks of 2015 below, and let me know what your tops picks for 2015 include in the comment section below.

  1. great job man! Just a question, how does the kyrie 2 traction compare to the kobe 9’s and the xx8’s. I play on really bad courts, and i’m not shelling out 150+ for kobe 9 and xx8 traction, so i need a budget model that sticks like glue. thnx chris, happy new year!

  2. Can’t believe I just found your site this year, I have to kill at least an hour a day at work on it. Gripped the hyperrev 2015 and the melo m11’s for 65 each this year by jumping on deals at outlets. Ballin on a budget!

      1. ?? I got hyper rev 2015 for $60 shipped and kd8 hunts hill night for $90 shipped. Those are both at that price better than melo and curry 2

  3. I have been waiting for this for a year now haha ?? nice video happy new year. Mr chris quick question iam a guard and i cant choose between the kobe 9 elite high, drose6 and jordan 29. Could you help me thanks a lot

    1. take the kobe 9s. I have one pair and have played in both of the others. while the cushion isn’t as good as the other two, the traction is beast

  4. Great list NW23! Actually got this year the JC2, Soldier9 and DRose6 based on your reviews. Im already 45 so i really need the cushion. These shoes help me still keep making buckets! Till next year and keep up the amazing work!

    1. if your kreeping in age look on ebay for the Air Hyperflight MAX, that shoe is unreal – has the Full length Zoom max like the Lebron X but more flexible, that shoe is unreal to ball in. I love the Drose 6 but that Tounge and plastic lace knobs were unnecessary which is why I go back to the Hyperflight Max. they can be found for $80

  5. I bought the D Rose 6 strictly off your review and comments on the cushion. Typically just if I go shoot around by myself for an hour or so, I have to ice my knees afterwards. Much less after pickup games. So after ballin the Rose 6 a few times I haven’t had to ice. I’m 33 was previously playing in the CP3 7 and 8’s. But no more. Boost is it for me! My knees thank you

  6. What I find interesting is that Durant’s kicks haven’t made anyone’s top ten, and they have more “tech” than any other shoe out there. When KD’s kicks were budget friendly, more people dug them all around. It proves that Nike is shooting in the dark with much of their “innovation”.

  7. Nice list, bought the Drose 6(Black and Red colorway) this year and those shoes are AWESOME!!!!!

    Looks like Nightwing is wearing a Way of Wade Hoodie,

    and I guess Nightwing gets some Bball shoes earlier than most of us, didn’t expect to see an Unreleased Brandblack shoe at number 1.

  8. Reading through the comments and it’s nice to see all the old ass people (like myself!) loving the d rose 6 cushion. As close to a fountain of youth as we can get to help w the pain after games.

    I am looking forward to the 2016 adidas boost models like the j wall 3. Saw a sample online and it looks promising.

  9. Have the Rose 6 and Hyperrev 2015. Love em both but I play on a dusty floor and the Roses stick a lot better. Hyperrev is my all time favorite shoe though because the fit is literally perfect for me and its good at everything. Plus it looks good. The dead space in that Rose is noticeable and bothers me sometimes but they are fun to play in and I’ll continue to run in them because of the great traction and cushion. I want to try the soldiers really bad but I’m not sure if they are worth it. I’m one of those really speedy guards that you mentioned in the video. What’s the best shoe for my type NW?

  10. Great job on the top picks!

    I got the Melo M11 based on your performance review and it was really awesome. Got mine at a discounted price and I can still see some pairs hanging around at a much more discounted price. You can experience the flightplate and unlocked zoom system for dirt cheap.

  11. Have been hooping in the D Rose 6 for about a month now and I absolutely love em. Best cushioned shoe i’ve ever played in. I did find I had to relace a few times a night just to keep the fit nice and snug around the heel. Before they broke in it felt like I was getting a tiny bit of heel slip in the Mesh upper. But man I never thought I’d love a relatively “bulky” looking shoe the way I love these. I’ve always been a low profile shoe. My last 3 shoes have been 2 pairs of Zoom Soldier 6 with an AJ 2012 flight system thrown in there too, but now that my old knees keep getting older I needed that boost cushion, and now my knees want to send flowers to adidas for making boost work the way the do in the Rose 6.
    Another great year in reviews Chris, wishing even more prosperity for you for 2016

  12. Everyone who loves their knees is saying the same thing. Boost is something serious and the implementation in then Rose 6 is game changing. There’s no other way to put it. Responsive + great bounce = BOOST. Period. 28 and my knees that I’ve already had to do physical therapy for thank Adidas.

    *disclaimer: I’m 5’7″ and was nearly able to dunk so my knees have taken a beating with hard landings since I wanted to be the high flying little g

  13. been on here for a minute and love reading the comments with a Bud ice 32oz in hand x3

    I def love the shout out to the JXX. I have a pair but HATED that strap and just felt like a bitch paging me like “call me back. Then the J Icons dropped in the Ray Colorway, the Bibby RED Patent, The Joe Johnson Crip and some JB Classic CW’s but that set up with Podulon is #SODOPE and its the same in the Icons as the XX – #TRUST

    big up NDub #as always

    IG is a fun sport hahahah

    1. LMAO! I hate the strap too. Wish they’d release the 3/4 or 5/8 (whichever it was) again. Those were too fresh. The Icons was the closest thing to the XX which I thought was great.

      Always appreciate your support!

  14. My top performers 2015:

    CF Drive low
    Crazy Light Boost 2015

    Shoes I gave up on/returned for various issues:

    Curry 2 – pinched nerve
    Rose 6 – uncomfortable for me, traction didn’t work at my gym
    Kobe X – didn’t like court feel, transition, materials

    Shoes to get in 2016:

    JC2 Low
    XX9 Low

    Top performers of all time, in this order:

    Zoom BB Low
    Adidas Supernatural Creator
    CF Drive
    Hyperdunk 2011
    Kobe V

  15. Hey NW: For an outdoor player, what do you recommend? I mostly play guard, soooo… do the D Rose 6 last well outdoors?

  16. Hey nightwing,

    Great job on the top performers for 2015 although I prefer the previous way of ranking.

    The format could have been top 15 or top 10 and 5 runner ups.

    For me the Melo M11 is a top 5 for this past year.
    I was also expecting the venomenon 5 to be in the mix in your top 15.

    Have a great new year.

  17. Dude it’s like you’re being paid to breathe…you’ve got the coolest job in the world…2015’s indeed a great year for basketball shoes lover ?..hoping for more reviews in 2016 from you and they guys at Weartesters…Happy holidays, God bless.

  18. Nightwing,

    You only mentioned outdoor play with the WOW 808’s, but do you have a best outdoor shoe for 2015? I would like to know, as I’m in the market for a shoe for strictly outdoor play.

    Thank you, and I appreciate the help!


  19. Picked up the D Rose 6s, in no small part to your suggestion, and love them. The cushion is outstanding, they look tight, and keep you locked in. Quite the upgrade over my D Rose 3s.

    Appreciate all the information you’ve shared, and wish the best for you and yours.

  20. hey NW just want to thank you for these top 10 vids at the end of every year. I actually did what you said last here in this video. you remember the first prime hype? i bought that half the original price 2 or one year after they released. still it performs well and I still use them today. thanks for the heads up.

  21. great stuff… thanks for doing this. I’m 56 and still trying to get it done on the court. My plantar fasciitus is now quiet but frequently flares up. Any recommendations for best basketball hi or mid tops for this? Thanks much.

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