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Top 10 Performance Basketball Shoes of 2014

Its that time of year again.

Since there aren’t any new hoop shoes on the horizon for December, I figured I’d give you guys my Top 10 Performance Basketball Shoes of 2014 a little earlier than I usually do. Just like every year, the list is not based on scores, but my personal preferences and what I like to play in. I’ll give you a few thoughts on why I like the shoes, and then I keep it moving to the next one. If you would like to share a list of your own, whether it be a top 1, 3, 5 or 10 – since I know not everyone buys 10+ pairs of basketball shoes per year – then let me know down in the comment section what it is.

Thank you all for supporting WearTesters all year long, and we can’t wait to see what next year brings!

    1. I wear them for Varsity practices and games but the blisters aren’t that big of a deal lol. The feeling of the shoe totally outweighs it

        1. Don’t worry about blisters. I wear the clutchfit drives for my varsity practices and games and havent experienced any problems. Just lace them tight so your foot is locked in

    2. Dont have to worry about blisters after your first wear (or couple hours depending how long you wear). Wore mine for 3 hours of playing the first time, go blisters, but havent gotten any after that!

  1. Interesting between 1 & 2. I thought the blistering what have made a slide on the Clutchfit, but You and you’re MICRO- G-asm. LOL Good job buddy!

    1. lol, I had a diff top three then I took them all out and played in them again one more time… that changed the top three to what you see now. I can deal w a few blisters, I get them all the time now that I have to test so many pairs.

      1. Hey Nightwing, if you get bored with no shoes to review it would be neat to see an award show style review, like best cushioning, upper, traction, design, etc… you could call it The Wingies, lol.

        Happy Holidays!

  2. Not to post any spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet, but I was surprised at what landed at his #4. I had an idea of #1 would be when I saw #4. I’m really impressed with #3 under the right court conditions myself.

    1. I’m with you on that, but that’s also because I own those 3 models. I’ve been wondering about those Clutch Fit Drives, but the lack of ventilation causing blisters spooked me. I sort of had a similar issue with the Superfly 2 toe box chaffing my toes last year. It plays great, but a shoe damaging you can’t ride with you for the long haul.

  3. UA at the top spot! Love JB but $200 for sneakers? We’re talking about sneakers! I’m sold on UA now. Thanks to Nightwing for all the hard work.

  4. Me, my top 5 would be:
    1. Air Jordan XX9
    2. Under Armour Clutchfit Drive
    3. Nike LeBron 12
    4. Kobe 9 Elite Low
    5. Adidas Boost Rose 5

  5. not all of us know the shoes by names so positive criticism it would’ve been better to have a bigger picture of the sneaker on the side just to follow the top 10 a bit better.


  6. That’s a great list man. I didn’t get as many shoes as I did in 2013 with saving for a wedding but I should be freed up for next year to get some of this year’s fire on extreme discount.

  7. how come the UA Anatomix Spawn Low did not make your list? They were your number 1 almost half way through the year.

    1. Why do I have to explain this all the time? I even explained in that post “The shoes can change, the lineup or placement can change and this is not set in stone at all. If you read this and then see a different top 10 list at the end of 2014, its because my personal preferences changed.”

      1. i know opinion changes but that’s pretty drastic to go from 1 to not even being mentioned a few months down the road.

        1. I think it was a legit question.

          I mean, if he had the shoe at number 1 and then it doesn’t even make the top 10, that’s a huge change of mind and drop off.

          It’s his list though and he did say that he opinion changed.

          1. i know it’s his opinion, and i respect that. but it is just not a consistent opinion. i bought the UA Spawn lows based upon his review and ranked #1 just several months ago and now I feel I’ve been duped.

        2. Why would you feel duped? Is the shoe good? Does it fit your needs? IS the cushioning great? Traction? Good night, stand back and think – you bought it because a guy on a website said it was good, now he doesn’t have it top ten and you, what, don’t like them anymore? If it plays good, fits your foot, and looks nice, who cares where it is ranked?

          1. I have these Spawn Lows too. I think NW hypes up a shoe and people DO buy it from a guy on the internet. In my opinion, the Spawn Lows are not all that. It wouldn’t make my top ten at any point this year. I’m surprised he would give the Clutchfits #1 spot when it gives him blisters. That, imo, is just painful and something wrong with the shoe. I don’t think most people would get use to having blisters. But then again, to each his own.

            1. Im use to blisters, I have to wear a diff shoe each week. I understand that you dont understand that, but dont use me hyping things up as an excuse when I dont hype up anything. I give info, thats all. Up to you to decide if its what will suit your needs. If you dont like a guy on the internet then why are you on my site? Seems like an oxymoron to me. Take responsibility for yourself, and dont blame someone for just sharing their thoughts with others. I allow and encourage everyone on this site to share their thoughts with each other, but to do so respectfully. Do so disrespectfully and you’ll be removed.

          2. I agree with that take Duke.

            There is absolutely no reason at all to feel duped. If you bought the shoe and don’t like it, then that happens as each person is different. Even if a shoe gets a good review, doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for everyone that wears it.

            There’s people here right now saying that the Jordan XX9 isn’t for them. I don’t have a pair, but I would consider that shoe as a top 3 performance shoe this year.

            And just because a shoe is no longer in the current list, doesn’t mean it suddenly sucks or isn’t still a great shoe. That’s just being a little silly if you liked the shoe then suddenly dislike it because it’s not in the new list.

            I also understand him asking him question though on why it dropped off this list, but Nightwing also answered that by saying that his list can change at any time.

            1. It went on the list bc there was hardly anything avail mid year. Everything came out late summer or just before the season started. I remove shoes that have been featured on the previous years list, Spawn was on the 2013 list. So is it all of a sudden your fav again? Get out of here with this nonsense. All people on the internet do is cry and whine, its literally draining to have to deal with such people over such stupid things. The Spawn was a top performer in 2013, that hasn’t changed. I dont understand what you’re all whining about.

              I do this to help people out and you all act like self entitled little jerks. If any of you are adults, Id be ashamed.

  8. Number 1 for me is the clutchfit drive. Everything else fell off my radar after playing in the CF. Has everything I wanted. Cushion was perfect with great court feel and impact protection. Upper felt great and didn’t pinch. Traction was good as well. Distant second was the jordan XX9. Would’ve been number 1 except my knees would feel terrible after each hoop session.

    Hoping to try rose 5 and see if I’ll like it. I’m really starting to make that transition away from air cushion to better foam techs. Also have my eyes on the wow 3 since I heard they’re flexible compared to the 2s and the traction looks promising.

    1. Clutchfit Drives are that good in your opinion? I wonder if there were any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales on any?

      Knees shot after each hoop session in a Signature Jordan? No way man! I know our bodies are different, but are you hard heel striker or something? I play more in the XX8 than I do the XX9 and my legs feel awesome after every game. It just seems like the experience should be the same since the setup is practically the same.

      1. I bought my pair from the NBA.com store. Got one of the away Stephen Curry PEs for $94 with their 25% off sale. I maybe should have bought the home colorway too as they’re all sold out now.

        They’ve still got a few sizes left of the Wounded Warrior Project colorway if you’re interested.

      2. NBA store had the steph curry home and away for 25% off. May still have it right now. Got my pair for 97 bucks last week. It just felt great on my feet and I didn’t have any knee pain after my usual 3 hour hoop session. And that explains why I come away with knee pain. The cushion really has to be perfect for me to accommodate my long hours. And I’m also a heel striker so I do put a lot of stress on my knees and leg.

        I really love the woven upper and wish I could play in the XX9s more. But I’m not complaining now since the CF drives fit my needs.

        1. I can’t remember if you’re the guy that gave the heads up on the deal at the NBA store last week. It’s a little hard for me to search through old posts to check so I can give you credit for it. I think you did give the recommendation, so I just wanted to say thanks, JP.

          I also bought a pair of the Rose 5s in the same purchase for $95. I asked them to price match Eastbay ($139.99) as they had the retail price at $159.95. They price matched and went under by giving me $25 credit. I then used the 25% off to get them for $95.

          I think they were great deals on two new performance models.

          1. I mentioned it somewhere, but no idea if it was me that alerted you to the deal. No problem either way. Glad to spread the deals around!

      3. Dime Slinger, I have the UA Clutchfit Drive and have played in them in the league I play in which can get really competitive. No issues with them at all. Cushion set up is great and so it the lockdown and support the shoe gives you. Ventilation is not that big of a deal for me, but personally I didn’t get any blisters playing in them.

        1. How long do you wear the Clutchfits for? I’m thinking the ventilation might be a problem if you were them for 2-3+ hours at a time.

    2. I also have knee pain but didn’t feel any after games w the d rose 5. I would suggest replacing the insoles w slightly thicker ones though. Even though it’s not his top 10, these shoes are my favorite to play in so far.

      1. Did you need the replace the insoles? What were the shoes like with the regular insoles?

        When I get mine, I’m just going to try them with the insoles they come with. I’m weary about replacing the insoles as I don’t want to loose the feel of the Boost.

        What insoles did you put in if you don’t mind me asking?

        1. The original insoles are very very thin.

          I just replaced mine with a simple 5mm simple insole from Merrell.com.

          They have basic ortholite and a slightly better one for 10-12 bucks.

  9. Nice list and nice beard ! Cf drive at 125 minus discounts is awesome . Have you tried diff colorways of the Rose 5 in hopes of alleviating the foot pain ? Cf and Rose 5 are my 1a
    And 1b right now

    1. I ordered both those two shoes last week. Hopefully the colorway of the D Rose 5 that I got doesn’t cause any issues. Hopefully they both arrive this week.

      I’m also a bit weary of the lack of ventilation of the Clutchfit Drives, so I’ll see how they go in that regard. I was always going to get a pair since I really like UA, but the ventilation might determine if I buy multiple pairs. They seem like such a great overall shoe in every other area, so I think I’m really going to like them.

      1. I didn’t have any issues with ventilation, but I guess my feet is always hot regardless so I could be used to hot feet. Don’t let it push you away, it’s a really great shoe to play in and great value, especially at discounted prices.

      2. If you don’t mind me asking, what color way did you get? I’m getting a pair of D Rose 5s this weekend

  10. Finally! Keep doing performance reviews NW!

    Here’s my Personal Top 5 for 2014:
    1. Nike Kobe 9 (EM Low > Elite Low > Elite)
    2. Nike Lebron 12
    3. UA Anatomix Spawn 2
    4. Nike KD 7
    5. UA Clutchfit Drive

    BANG FOR THE BUCK of the Year:
    -Nike Prime Hype DF
    (Perfect all around sneaker for 85$ or less)

    DISAPPOINTMENT of the Year:
    -Adidas Rose 5 Boost
    (Really looking forward to this model, but once i tried them i was like, “this is it?” lol. Still a good shoes though but IMO some of previous Rose models are better in terms of performance)

    1. What didn’t you like about the D Rose 5s? Did you play in them much?

      Also, what do you like better about the Anatomix Spawn 2s over the Clutchfit Drives? Curious to get your opinion on that as I just ordered the Clutchfit Drives and am also considering the Spawn 2s at some point.

      I would have already bought the Spawn 2s, but since I play mostly outdoors I’ve had to pass on them for now. The outsole isn’t durable enough for me to pay full price for them and they’re not really a shoe I’d like to wear casually ;). Would still like to get a pair later on just to see what they’re like as I like UA Basketball shoes in general.

    2. Some would say the same thing about the Kobe 9 Elite being a disappointment. The flyknit was supposed to be this lightweight BREATHABLE material and the first of it’s kind on a basketball shoe. The fused back lining was a let down, but understood for basketball movements.

      Now fast forward to recent weeks and the anticipation for BOOST in basketball isn’t what was expected. My point is that the hype can harm the reputation of decent performing shoes.

  11. I had a feeling the Clutchfit would make it up to the top, but I did not see the Kobe 9’s dropping to #4. Too bad the DRose5 didn’t make the list. I received my “Chicago Ice” colorway today, and they are SUPER comfy. I’m excited to try these on the hardwood tomorrow. Hopefully a different colorway will relieve that discomfort you’re experiencing.

    I want to keep the Lebron 12’s I purchased, but the league I play in never keeps up with cleaning the floors. My Lebron 10’s sometimes feel like they have no grip at all. The only shoes I trust right now are my KD V’s and Kobe V’s, but they don’t offer the amount of cushion I would like at 240lbs. I’m counting on the DRose 5, Lebron 11 Elite or maybe the Kobe 9 EM to impress.

    1. Wow it seems like the LeBron 12 would be your ideal shoe for your dimensions and requirements had the floors been maintained. Those are bad ass, but the court really has to be right.

  12. Bums me out heartily that my feet are like ovens and that the Clutchfit Drive’s would probably smell like dumpsters after I’m done.

    Nightwing, did you try the Woven JWall 1 by any chance? I can’t speak for the differences with the mesh upper, or the Jordan 29, but it was so damn comfortable.

  13. Somewhere far far away in a cold lonely dark alleyway Reebok is crying itself to sleep hoping to have dreams where DMX foam doesn’t totally suck and crossfit isn’t totally lame.

    1. Am I the only one who experienced problems with the XX9 sole not flexing well, and the raised heel being a little unstable? Super comfortable shoe for regular wear, but falls short of the Kobe line in terms of playability.

      Zoom Run the 1 also a very nice ride in a light, low-profile design.

      KD7 was almost perfect for me, except I had to go up 1/2 size due to pinching on the top of my shoe (wear tongue meets toebox) and now my foot slides a little front to back, making it more of a shootaround shoe than a game shoe for me. If not for that, the combination of support, flexibility, lockdown, cushion in a lightweight low-top might have given the Kobe a serious run.

      Those are the four shoes I’ve played in this year. Tried on the LeBrons and didn’t care for them. Always like the CP3s and intrigued by the Roses, but haven’t gotten a pair yet. Waiting on a low from UA, and to see if the Curry sig is better than the clutchfit. Not to mention, waiting to see what shows up at my local UA outlet.

      Love the site NW — and one of the few sites on the entire internet where I enjoy reading the comments.

      1. The XX9 didn’t work for me either.
        The heel foam is caged in a TPU shell which allowed no compression at all for me while striking with the heel.
        It affected the whole heel to toe transition… Even the tendril didn’t help it was more of a gimmick for me. Without this TPU cage this Jordan XX9 would have been the best shoe ever for me, like you said NW the woven is a game changer!!!

        1. Actually, the TPU is just glued to the sides, not caged at all. The cored out heel also prohibits compression, greater than a regular heel design would. The tendril was just meant to be a bridge between the gap while still allowing for decoupled motion, it that perfectly. Bummer they didn’t work for you though.

      1. I think that dude means you should make a section to make all of your retro reviews easier to find. Everybody knows about the Jordan and Penny projects, but you also got the Questions, Gloves, Kamikazes, Adidas Kobes, shaqnosis, what else did I miss lol. As a long time follower, I can easily find old reviews. These new guy however might not know about your older reviews.

  14. Great list I will say though I like my d rose 5’s better that my clutchfit drive mids. I got the Chicago ice and went tts in a 9.0 but I replaced the insole with a thicker one. The very first time I wore them they felt amazing.. I had no pain and played for bout 1 and a half hours. I play hard too, hard cuts for a quick guard. The UA clutchfit drives are awesome shoes don’t get me wrong but they didnt break as easy or feel as responsive IMO. I’ll keep playing in both just to rotate though.

      1. Its too bad Adidas didn’t go all out with the first d rose 5 release. The ice is nice but you have to put the UA clutchfits up there because its all about first impressions with new tech and the clutch’s are virtually game ready out of the box..no insole swapping or variations in the uppers.

    1. I also replaced my insoles for the d rose 5s w slightly thicker ones 5mm. Made a great difference and I’m starting to feel the boost more after playing in them more over time.

    2. Did you need the replace the insole? Were the original ones causing you problems with the shoe itself?

      As I mentioned above, I’m going to try my pair with the regular insoles and see how they go before trying different insoles.

      Does the insole swap lose the feel of the Boost at all? Also, what insole did you use? Did you just use something from another Basketball shoe, or an aftermarket insole?

      I bought a pair of Spenco Polysorb CrossTrainers a month or so ago on recommendation and I tried using them in my work shoes (I wear Cross Training shoes at work), but after a week I had to stop using them as they were causing issues (soreness/pain) with my arches. Not sure what insole to try next. The CrossTrainers should have been good for me as I have medium arches, so not sure why they caused soreness.

      1. The original insoles are very very thin. For me personally I still felt the boost but more so on the heel.

        I replaced mine with a simple 5mm insole from MerrelL.com.

      2. Reviewed the Rose 5 for Counterkicks before and after replacing the insole – huge difference for me. I just plugged the Rose 4 insole in and it was perfect.

      3. Yeah thin insole and I like my hoop shoes more snug in the toe box. I took some insoles out of some old hoop shoes but you gotta find your own fit. It probably masks the boost some but I think the more you play the better they get.

      4. Thanks for the info guys. I’ll try insoles from different Basketball shoes first before looking at aftermarket ones.

        I’m thinking I might try the Micro G insole from the Clutchfit Drives that are coming in the same order.

      5. I replaced mine with the peak tp1 insole. I think it’s one of the best basketball insole I’ve ever seen. Extremely plush and well cushioned. Just tried on my rose 5s, but swapping out the insole changed the shoe for me. That thin insole from Adidas is quite frankly insulting. Their best bball model and they gave us that crap. But I’ll hand it to them, boost feels amazing just walking in them. Can’t wait to play in them. Just wish they finished the entire package rather than thinking boost would solve everything. More to a shoe than good cushion.

  15. Would it be a good idea to poke a few holes in the forefoot section of the clutchfit drives just to make them more ventilated? I was thinking of buying a pair then modding it out by using a heated needle to essentially put vents in the shoe.

  16. I ain’t got no 2014 list since almost all of my shoes are from 2013 but I was extremly surprised with the KD VII. I just received them and literally fell in love the moment I took the first steps. Especially the fit and cushion/comfort I dig. I have the Kobe 8 lows but I gotta say I prefer the KD’s.

    Thanks to NW for his review which played a role in me buying them.

  17. I feel like this year was an honest and reliable top 10, especially because of the #1 shoe being the Clutch Fit (I agree)

    1. The m10s came out in very early january so I think Chris tried to stay with the recent releases of 2014. Im excited for the 11s tho

      1. I don’t like the reuse of tech, even if it plays well. Esp when an updated version of the tech can be found that same year. M10/XX9. The XX8 setup was great last year, and its still great today. Doesn’t need to be on a list though, because it already was. Simple as that.

  18. Great list NW!

    Though I don’t play in the latest shoes, I view your vids & site to stay on top of basketball sneakers for my 10 year old son who plays on his schools team and leagues. By far is number 1 shoe for the year:

    UA ClutchFit Drive

    (No blisters)

  19. hi nightwing i have a question about the drose 5, how come you just didnt buy another pair of drose 5s if the first one hurt and if u did wud it make the top 10 list

    1. I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think any others were available for him to get at the time of the review.

      Also, he might not have wanted to take the risk and spend the money on another pair that may or may not work for him. I don’t think he’s made of money where he can afford to go buying shoes left right and center.

  20. Thanks for the reviews. Picked up the Spawn 1s off of last years reviews/top 10 list. Going to try on the Clutchfit this time around.

    Btw, is that Ortega park you do the reviews at?

  21. All you guys that are saying that the D Rose 5s are a disappointment, what are you basing that on? Nightwing’s review, or have you tried the shoes yourself?

    I don’t recall Nightwing saying that the shoes suck. He said he had foot pain with them, so he pretty much can’t wear them or play in them. He didn’t say that they sucked, he pretty much said he likes them, but just can’t play in them.

    Is anyone else here that bought them feeling any pain like Nightwing did?

    And how many of you have swapped insoles? If you did swap insoles, what did you put in? An aftermarket insole or something from another shoe?

    Also, I think someone else mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I wonder if a higher insole would alleviate the pain issues Nightwing was having with the shoes. Apart from a different colorway with a different upper, that’s pretty much the only other thing I can think of that Nightwing can try (if he hasn’t already).

      1. I now recall you mentioning it. I thought it was another poster than bought it up beforehand. Even if you do get another colorway with different upper, you should at least try another insole (just to be thorough) if you still feel pain.

    1. I think they’re fair, but a lot of people wanted this to be Adidas’ shoe to threaten Nike’s crown. What’s the latest on insole swaps that I’m missing? I have just been running around in mine a couple of games and not much high flying to really test the cushion’s impact protection. I liked what I was wearing on the pristine brand new court my 24 has provided. The traction is awesome, the cushion is good, the fit is ok, the support is solid, and the materials(L-Train) unfortunately suck. This is supposed to be Adidas’ Crème dela Crème Hoops shoe though.

      1. At least Adidas has a shoe model now with a lot of potential. At least if they listen to their customers (which I am sure they are). They need to work exaclty on those aspects which are widely criticized and voila, you have one hell of a basketball shoe.

        Maybe the Rose 5.5 will be the one?!

  22. My list

    1. Jordan XX9
    2. KD VII
    3. Anatomix Spawn 2
    4. Rose 5.0
    5. Lebron 12

    If we are going on what is currently available, I would put the XX8 and Melo M10 in the 4 and 5 position.

  23. My top 10 in no order

    Air Jordan XX9
    Kobe 9 Elite
    Lebron XII
    Under Armour Clutchdrive
    Nike Hyperdunk 2014
    KD 7
    Nike run the one
    Lebron Soldiers
    CP3 8

  24. great list NW!

    this is probably the most honest sneaker website out there!

    i would like to share this sneaker though –> UA micro G juke
    – great fit and support like the anatomix
    – better ventilated than the anatomix
    – traction same as the anatomix
    – priced better than the anatomix
    – materials might be better than the anatomix because of the thinner fuse.
    – has micro g midsole AND insole!

    in my opinion, best overall sneaker for 2014 LOL :p

    1. Hey Brad, thanks for the info. I’d love to get a pair, but the tooling looks to be the same as the Anomally (Spawns have slightly different tooling and outsole) and another model that Jarron reviewed recently, so I don’t think it would be durable for outsole usage. I’d get a pair otherwise.

      Do you have a pair of the Juke 2s, if so, how do you think they’d hold up outdoors?

  25. I wish Asics would do a basketball line in the USA. I really like their gel cushion, better than zoom for me. And I like zoom air.

      1. I love that model aesthetically. What I also find interesting about it is that it seems to have less tech than their other models such as the GelBurst RS2 for example. I assume they were going for a more minimal approach, hence the name “Naked”.

        Is there anyone here from Japan that knows where I can get a pair of the Naked EG02s?

    1. If you’re interested, you can buy some of their current performance Basketball models from Rakuten dot com. It’s a Japanese shopping site and a lot of the stores/sellers do ship internationally. It has the pages translated to English. The translations aren’t the best, but they’re good enough to be able to order the products.

      The don’t have many large sizes though. Usually about size 12.5US is the biggest you’ll find.

  26. Hi guys.
    If you have to choose between Jordan xx8, Jordan xx8 SE, and UA Clutchfit drive, which one are you going to pick?

  27. Nightwing, why aren’t the superfly 3’s on the top 10 list? Did xx9 beat it or u just didn’t prefer to play in it?

  28. Hi! NW,

    I’m 6’1 and plays center/forward position. Which would you recommend. Super Fly 3 or UA Clutchfit Drive?

  29. Hi NightWing2303 i have very big problem because i want to bay under armour cluchfit drive to United Kingdom but not paying some much for Tax and other,can you say what type of baying weel be the best ??
    Thank’s mate and cheers !

  30. Lol the struggle. I know nothing of basketball shoes but this list helped! Thank you! Im gonna have to raid my brothers closet so I don’t get him shoes he already has for Christmas >.<

    1. I’d recommend the Fila 96, it has a very responsive foam and the sole is very durable. Plus, it’s on clearance everywhere for only around $40

  31. Hey NW,always great reviews, u really help us. I ordered the UA’s clutchfit drive but I am worried about blisters.I found it really hard to choose between these and the Jordan’s 29.I know that ventilation is better in the 29’s.I just wanted to ask:as far as cushion, which one of those 2 would u prefer?What is better on the feel, responsiveness and impacts, micro g or the zoom setup of the 29’s?Considering the price too,is it worth it to give 100 dollars more for the ventilation if the cushion is similar?

  32. Night wing do u think if u wore the shoes for about a month instead of a week as break in time your opinion on shoes would change? My jordan prime fly I was so disappointed in and was ready to buy a new pair but I just kept playing in them and at about the month and a half point they changed drastically and are now my favorite shoe. The cushioning got more responsive. If the chshioning was a little more plush the jordan prime fly might take the number 1. Spot u should look into these shoes more

    1. No, just because you want them at the number 1 spot doesn’t mean they should be there. I’ve played in shoes with Zoom Air since the 90’s and the Zoom they use nowadays, more often than not, is garbage in comparison. No additional amount of time in the shoe will change my mind.

  33. If u had to put one pair of jordans in this list (not just from 2014 and besides the xx9 ) that was the best performance wise where would it be and what jordan would u put

  34. Hi Nightwing2303, I am having trouble deciding between 2 shoes-The UA Clutchfit Drive or The Jordan Superfly III? From what I’ve seen on your reviews of them, they both scored pretty well and have many benefits. Which one do you think will perform better?

  35. Hi Nightwing2303, I’m stuck between two shoes and don’t know which one to pick. The UA Clutchfit Drive or Jordan Superfly III? I’ve heard they’re both really good and scored well on your reviews. I’m just having some trouble deciding and wondering if you could help. Which one performs better overall?

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