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Today In Sneaks with Jacques Slade | Daily Recap

If you haven’t been keeping up with my good friend Jacques Slade – aka @Kustoo – then you’ve been missing out.

Today’s Today In Sneaks daily recap includes a ton of useful information on upcoming popular releases that I tend to overlook since they are usually geared more towards the lifestyle side of things. Just because I ignore these topics or upcoming releases doesn’t mean they aren’t important to someone so here is a quick, easy to digest and entertaining way to get your daily sneaker recap.

Check out the video below, let me know what you are going to be after and if you haven’t already… be sure to support my man Jacques by subscribing to his Channel.

  1. Isn’t this the dude from that nike song (which I found hilarious Nightwings part in the video was priceless cool beans bro) where he played two parts in the video

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