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The Nike Kyrie 5 Deconstructed

Kyrie Irving’s fifth signature sneaker, the Nike Kyrie 5, is dismantled and deconstructed.

Split down the middle for a side profile, we see just how much ground the Kyrie 5’s Zoom Turbo unit covers the forefoot section of the shoe. Top-loaded, you can see some of the units’ articulation that should help activate it on jumps, toe-offs and anything else you can throw at it. Overall, the side view gives a good glimpse of the low profile ride the Nike Kyrie 5 provides along with padding and sculpting that contributes to its great fit.

Up close with the Flytrap system, we see Flywire stitched into the lateral side which works in conjunction with Flywire that stems from the footbed to give that snug fit many have praised the Kyrie 5 for.

Going back to the Zoom Turbo unit, the unit does measure in right over 8mm which was previously disclosed but now proven for anyone that may have doubted the Swoosh. What I find most interesting is the curvature of the Zoom unit is prominent even when placed on a flat surface. I’d be interested to know if it was designed this way or if its placement within the midsole gradually shaped it this way. In terms of length, the unit runs over 111mm and width comes in over 84mm — that’s some good forefoot coverage.

Around 17mm off the ground in the forefoot and around 21mm towards the heel, there is only a 4mm heel-to-toe drop which many will have indifference towards but also may add to stability — or at least the feeling of it. Speaking of which, there was no internal shank plate found in this deconstruction, but doesn’t seem to hinder this Kyrie in terms of support.

Did you learn anything more about the Nike Kyrie 5 from this breakdown? Be sure to check out both performance reviews by Nightwing2303 and Stanley T. then let us know if any dots are connected in this deconstruction. Or, if you feel anything that was not pointed out and should be, drop a comment down below with your thoughts.

Images via FastPass

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