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The Nike KD Trey V 7 Replaces Zoom Air with Renew Cushioning

Kevin Durant’s upcoming Nike KD Trey V 7 replaces its standard Zoom Air cushioning for Nike’s new Renew foam.

The Nike KD Trey V series has been a hit or miss performance wise. With many lower-tier signature models tip-toeing the line between affordability and performance, the KD Trey 5 series has usually leaned more towards the affordability side of things.

That could all change with the upcoming Nike KD Trey V 7 as the model will be ditching the tiny Zoom Air units that not many were able to feel and replaces it with Nike’s latest foam cushioning called “Renew.”

What is Renew? We couldn’t find much information about it other than small descriptive lines such as “Nike Renew technology delivers a soft, smooth and stable ride.”

It seems like it’s a derivative of Nike’s React cushioning, but made to be more widely available at lower price points. Whether or not it’s the same feeling as React has yet to be determined. Hopefully I’ll have the time to hunt down a pair of these so I can test them out for a review.

There was no release date or price information available, but we’ll keep you up to date as information becomes available. Let us know what you think about the Nike KD Trey V 7 and Nike’s new Renew foam cushioning.

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  1. Ive tried on a renew foam casual/runner shoe, and it seems like the nike version of cloadfoam: a budget cushion that is soft and mushy with not much bounce back. it doesnt seem as durable as boost or react and likely would bottom out eventually, hence its budgetness.

    I like that they used this in a budget ball shoe, which I think more kids and casual players play in, so you dont need hard phylon to wistand the explosiveness of 250 lb athletic dudes. Make it comfy and dont contain it too much, and these type of players wouldcome away with a “these feel nice” impression, very different from the usual budget shoes with hard, crappy cushioning.

  2. Seems like these aren’t suitable for outdoor wear anymore cause of the durability issues with translucent soles

    That’s a shame

  3. Renew is like a renewal of KD as he recovers fr achilles injury. Its like a life renewal, a reborn after injury. The recovery.

  4. I’m hopeful for any improvement in cushioning, as the KD Trey V 6’s cushioning was ass. The midsole was hard and dense and I couldn’t feel the tiny Zoom air unit. Hoping Renew is good.

  5. I think they should do what they do with soccer boots and have the takedown models look the same just with less tech

  6. Lunar…react…renew…it’s all the same stuff. Foam is not new tech no matter what they call it. It’s been around since the 70’s.
    They need to quit messing with stuff and just put zoom in all basketball shoes.

    1. Not all foams are created equal. Zoom is great and I’m a huge fan but Nike has to keep innovating if they want to stay competitive. Have you felt React foam? If they can find a way to utilize it well in a basketball sneaker (not like the Hyperdunk 2017 which encased it and prevented it from expanding and giving you that comfy and super springy feel) then Nike won’t have to rely on Zoom being their go to cushioning system.

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