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The Nike AlphaDunk has a Release Date

Nike Basketball’s upcoming AlphaDunk has an official release date.

I’m not sure if I’d consider the upcoming Nike AlphaDunk a highly anticipated basketball shoe, but it’s one I’m morbidly curious about.

The Hyperdunk line was pretty solid. It had its fair share of hits and misses, like any line of footwear, but it was mostly full of solid performers. We can always just think of the AlphaDunk as a rebranded Hyperdunk, which is basically what they are, but that still leaves the question: what is that Zoom Air going to be like?

The forefoot houses a very large volume Zoom Air unit. I wonder how they shoe will flex, and how it will support, and how it will feel. Will they be so rigid that having something like that is meaningless? Will they be so bouncy that they’re unstable? So many questions and only one way to answer them. Lace them up and try them out.

Mark your calendars for August 30 as that is when we can expect the Nike AlphaDunk to hit retailers. Pricing information is still unavailable, but we hope to get that information figured out soon enough.

Are you interested in trying out the Nike AlphaDunk upon its release? Sound off below and let me know.

Image via @mi_basketball

  1. Have they (nike) ever put a zoom unit like that on the front half of a shoe like this? It’s unlike anything I’ve seen but I haven’t been following basketball sneakers for that long, either.

    1. There hasnt been anything like this as a zoom unit in the forefoot for Nike ever. The closest thing that I could compare this too would be the last two versions of the Lebrons. Being that each zoom unit in the lebrons are independent of one another. Several shoes have had max zoom set ups, but all were full length. Usually without some sort of flex groove it tends to lead to foot fatigue. These will be interesting.

  2. I’m interested in trying out The AlphaDunks especially if they have heel zoom and a low option is available.

  3. Whether it works or not, kudos to Nike for trying something different with the air bag exposed in the front like that. Definitely different.

  4. I really wish Nike would’ve honored the Alpha-concept more, this Zoom will be more ‘bouncy castle'(for heavier guys, they could be rocks for lighter guys, if they can’t bend that slab of foam), and less performance-cushioning, and……. they’re very ugly, very, very ugly, neither things I’d associate with an Alpha- release.

    To me these look like terrible Penny takedown models, which is a shame, if they put the visible Zoom in a ‘ZX 8000′ position(under the ball of the foot up on the sole, rather than down), remove the nonsensical Swoosh, and add some texture to the weave, it could be an awesome lookin’ sneaker, as is….. it’s turrible though.

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