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The Avengers Assemble on This Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 Low Collection

Marvel’s collaborations don’t extend solely to adidas and Under Armour. Case in point: This Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 Low ‘Avengers Pack’.

The pack features colorways for Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and Black Widow. The 808 Low silhouette features the same tech as the signature models–Bounse and Cushion foam. It also has TPU for support compared to the carbon fiber torsion on the WoW 3. The Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 Low is pretty much the same as the high, except for the lack of a strap.

No word on a stateside release date for these but stay tuned to WearTesters in case these do arrive. Let us know which pair represents the respective Avenger most in the comments below.

Update: Shoes are available at hibasketballshoes for about $100.

Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 Low marvel avengers iron man Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 Low marvel avengers captain america Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 Low marvel avengers the hulk Li-Ning Way of Wade 808 Low marvel avengers thor

Via Gallery2.

  1. I read on a China site that the black ones are for the Black Widow. Those are my favs but I’m waiting till NW does a performance review on the 808s.

    1. I can see that, although I assumed it was Thor because those four guys were the only ones with standalone movies.

  2. I just ordered the black ones from Hibasketballshoes. Yes, they’re legit. I’ve purchased all of my Wow from either them or eBay sellers. I usually get my shoes from Hibasketballshoes within 7 days or so to Florida which isn’t bad considering they come from China.

  3. I think this is Li-Ning’s breakthrough shoe. Hey nightwing, how do these compare to the ua clutch fit? I feel like that shoe made under armour who it is today.

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