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Tech Closet Episode 2 – ‘Nike Air’

What exactly is Nike Air technology & what does it do?

I get this question a lot and I can never fully explain it, even though I understand it, just because there is so much involved with those different shaped “Air Bubbles”. Luckily Just4Kicks212 is back with the second installment of Tech Closet.

I urge you, if you are truly interested in learning something about whats on your feet, to watch the video and soak up the information provided.

Just in case you are like me, after the jump I have gathered some visuals for you to view so you can have an image to go with the language.

Images Via Kenlu

  1. Thanks for that length and informative post.
    I actually downloaded all 33 pictures.
    I’m a geek when it comes to technology on sneakers.

  2. Thanks for the images, Nightwing. I always wondering how setups actually look like. Its good to know that caged Zoom is full width on the forefoot.

  3. Very very cool, reminds me when Eastbay provided an image of the cushioning system next to the shoes they sold. The 11’s had the full lentgh air image. This is the info you want to see but now- I have no idea where to get it which is why you to try all he kix, sales peeps dont know Jack, you cant ask someone because they just bought them cause they were Laker colors. so very cool with this one.

  4. Yeah I use to geek out on those images and wondered what the kix would feel like. YO. What Basketball you use Ive had 3 TF1000’s ZKPro DC in the last 6 years and replaced each of them because they got warped. I was thinking about a high end Wislon but i use to play with Jets in the late 90’s and they felt small compared to Spalding which were gym/park standards. Basically looking into maybe somthing different in total but want to invest in a rock that will stay ROUND. (damn I type too much on your site, are peeps still drilling holes in there M8’s).

    1. I prefer almost any ball that isnt rubber lol. The wilsons are nice but def feel smaller. Nikes Elite ball is nice but feels very synthetic, has a good feel to it though. I love the spalding t 1000, think thats the name.

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