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Teaser: Under Armour Micro G Drive

How will Under Armour top their Micro G Anatomix Spawn was the one question I had after playing in them… the upcoming Under Armour Micro G Drive is their answer.

It looks as if the Nano was just a test sample of what was to come as UA has created what they are calling ClutchFit – a materials that wraps your foot in a lightweight second skin for support and enhanced feel. The shoe will feature the ClutchFit along with their latest form-fitting compression tech which means these will be one of the most form fitting and conforming shoes of all time… more so than Foamposite.

The entire shoe looks amazing and they will retail around the $129 range which – in my opinion – is a steal. If you aren’t taking Under Armour seriously after the Spawn then there is no hope for you.

Take a look at this initial teaser featuring the all-new material and sound off in the comment section below with your thoughts.

Teaser Under Armour Micro G Drive

    1. that was a stupid thing to say. swoosh is iconic but if you’re a real sneaker hoops fan, you would know how to value shoes without their logo. Some iconic brands produce a lower quality type of shoe but still buy them. It’s all about performance, not the name.

  1. Want to definitely hear more details, spes, tech, etc. UA is for real on the performance side of things and that is great for ballers. I see they’ve signed with a bunch of prominent Division I-A schools as athletic shoe/gear providers. I think they need to get a AAU-like camp in the summer going for the blue chip prospects so they start getting indoctrinated into the brand early on. From there, if some of those guys go pro, it won’t seem like such a long shot if you get a couple top prospects signing on right out of the draft, which is when you can start to get more into marketing stars, creating PE’s and Sigs, etc. If UA keeps coming with performance beasts like the Anatomix and Torch, UA will become a force in performance basketball shoes in the coming years.

    1. I agree 100%. That is definitely the move that they should make moving into the future. Their performance models are really improving. It’s time to get those youngsters into the brand.

  2. You don’t have to tell me NW, I’ve been on board with UA since the Bionic Spine. Just picked up another pair of Spawns using the 20% off on Footlocker. Again, the Spawn is my personal choice for top 3 basketball shoes of the year! I can’t wait to read more info on UA’s new kicks.

  3. Very interested to see/hear more. The skin teaser pic reminds me a little of the Kobe 3.

    I’m overdue to pick up a UA model…

  4. Is this going to be like the nano g lightning……….and are u ever going to do the performance review on those?

    1. I think that he put those off. I read that in the comment section of another article. I don’t think that he was going to review those any more since they won’t actually be released. That was the explanation given at the time. Hope that helps.

  5. I hope these will come with outsoles that are more forgiving on outdoor courts.

    So far only Torch 2 can be used outdoors right?

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