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Stephen Curry Wears Under Armour Curry One Low PE During Practice

Warriors Guard Stephen Curry was spotted wearing a special low top PE edition of his new signature sneaker, the Under Armour Curry One.

There was no word on whether or not the Curry One would be available to the public as a low, and this is the first time we’ve seen the Curry One in low top form as it is so this was a little bit of a surprise. I’ll ask around and see if someone will tell me something, keep your fingers crossed.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes, and let me know if you’d like to see the Curry One release as a low top in the future.

Stephen Curry Wears Under Armour Curry One Low PE During Practice 1

Stephen Curry Wears Under Armour Curry One Low PE During Practice 2

Stephen Curry Wears Under Armour Curry One Low PE During Practice 3

Stephen Curry Wears Under Armour Curry One Low PE During Practice 4

  1. UA players always get low versions but there are rarely generally released low tops. Going back to the first torch, the players got a low and I think that they did some limited release low that I couldn’t even find on ebay to save my life. Lol! We’re still waiting on the CFD Low but I went ahead and picked up 2 of the Kobe take down models so I may not even get the UA now. Bad timing UA. Let’s see if they actually release more low tops soon.

    1. same here… i was waiting for clutch fit drive low for months now
      i might probably get the kobe mentality too its 100$ only man

    2. they should release a Low, as I remember they have steadily released lows then maybe stopped cuz lack of sales. They released the Micro G Blur in a low in 3 CW and the Jennings black ice was available in a low then the Blood line was avail in a low also. maybe they are being more selective now than 4 – 5 years ago, losing $ makes you make some tough decisions.

      1. and yes the clutch fit drive should have also released a MID top or a low, they seem to have released the High then a silly high calf warmer version – they cant let go that BB charge vision I guess

        1. The clutchfit did release as a mid, but they released the highs under their Highlight line later on. Also, i think they startrd dropping lows a few month back too. They are always slow to release the lows.

        2. I jokingly said months ago that for some reason they have some kind of an infatuation with really high cut shoes. They seem to keep waiting to release a super high top after those Charge BBs.

          Release the Clutchfit lows already. I want at least two pairs of them.

      2. Yeah, I used to have the UA bloodline in all black and black/red. Those were some great shoes to play in for their time but they felt like they bottemed out pretty quickly. That or I just really put some miles on them. Either way, they have to notice the trends and success in recent times of low top shoes and make them more available. I don’t believe that it would be a waste of resources if the proper research is done. They went from offering some to zero and leaving it that way for quite some time despite the popularity of the kobe line which has been low for a while.

        1. Maybe they’re taking their time to release the lows because they don’t have a big name player wearing them? The mids are selling great because of Curry IMO, so they’re releasing more and more of those as they’re doing so well. I’m OK with that as I’ll probably buy another pair of the mids. More colorways apart from some of the boring team colorways are great IMO. With the Anatomix Spawn, a lot of the team colorways I found hideous so I didn’t end up getting a pair. The Steph Curry colorways were too limited back then and someone like me couldn’t get them overseas.

          Anyway, back to the lows – Maybe they really do think the lows won’t do as well as the mids, so they’re really taking their time to release them. Even though lots of people nowadays buy the Kobe line lows, that doesn’t automatically mean that the UA lows would sell well without a big name player endorsing them.

          Also, even though the mids are one of the best performance shoes of last year, do you think they still would have sold as well as they currently are if Curry wasn’t wearing them? I always wonder if that would have been the case, or if Curry wearing them is responsible for a lot their sales.

          Also, did anyone see Klay Thompson score 37 points in the third quarter of the Warriors game the other night. He broke the Iceman’s record for most points in a quarter.

    1. Yes, they fired former NBA guard Mark Jackson most remembered as the Pacers guard along side Reggie miller and hired pacific palisades kid Steve Ker

  2. Lol, those are going to be release in 2K22, if the marketing of UA stay the same as the Clutchfit drive LOW witch those aint release yet !!!!!

  3. As a ball player, I prefer the low top version. I feel quicker. As a fellow point guard with no ankle problems, it would just make the shoe heavier. If I was in the post a lot, then I probably would get his high top. I may still get the high top but just for fashion purposes.

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