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Starbury Returns?

So… Starbury plans on re-launching their product line… right on.

It looks like the Starbury performance line is being produced under 361 Degrees, Kevin Love is signed with them, but it looks as if their lifestyle lineup is doing their own thing… sort of. I don’t mind new brands, affordable brands etc. but just make sure you make your own path… because stealing designs from other brands and slapping your logo on it isn’t cool… right; Bape?

Starbury Returns 5

Not sure what exactly is going on but its sure as heck not original. This reminds me a lot of when NiceKicks used to sell fake Air Jordan’s with a ‘redesigned’ Jumpman logo… one of my friends even bought a couple pairs… it was awful.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Starbury Returns 1

Starbury Returns 2

Starbury Returns 3

Starbury Returns 4


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  1. you have to look at investors they know what sells even if its a fake design meaning patterned after a name brand.. they may not worry about lawsuits cause their ready.. and so Marbury would have to sell out so to speak in order to continue his legacy..

  2. I like the intent of putting out affordable shoes to ball in, but as stated by others, do YOUR thing, not an imitation of something else because then your product gets stigmatized as inferior when you may have a decent product.

  3. until now. They are still doing the same thing. How can they expect to sell these. They cant even make their own designs.

  4. NW i run a china-branded truck dealership. The technology of the trucks we sell are not mere copies of Japanese trucks. The Japs sell their OLD, PHASED OUT models as rebadged China brands. Some Jap firms sell just the patents and blueprints, while others are stakeholders in certain China automotive brands.

    I think the same goes with these shoes. Instead of the last year’s designs goin the way of the DoDo, nike etc. sell their design patents to Starbury et al and still make money. Genius; making money out of scrap.

    1. That’s interesting stuff. I wouldn’t think Nike would do something like that, would they? I’d think that they wouldn’t want to help anyone out, even if they get paid for it, I’d doubt they’d want to help anyone else make any money off of their designs.

      1. Ice you’re right it’s a totally different industry, and product design patents may be valued differently when it comes to shoes. in vehicles, the “patent seller” makes extra money not only from the extended lifespan of their designs, but from the new market created for the spare parts inventory they are selling as well. as for the shoes, there’s no maintenance involved, hence no extra aftersales income.

        I used to work for Toyota’s marketing department in my country, and we once estimated the brand name to make up for 30-40% of a car’s cost. rebadge a vehicle and all it’s parts and the prices drop significantly.

        although im thinking right now, if their old, renamed designs sell in millions to the lower market tier in China and the rest of asia, there’s a slight possibility they might just do it. pardon the pun.

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