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SoleSavy Presents: How the SS1 Was Made

SoulSavy SS1

Many of you have likely already seen our recent review of the Air Jordan 1 SoleSavy Custom. The SS1 is a particularly rare pair of kicks with which we managed to surprise Chris. For those of you who haven’t watched yet, check out the video above. You’re in for a real treat.

The SS1 is SoleSavy’s first custom sneaker. To complement Chris’ review, we thought you’d like a detailed, behind the scenes look at how the shoe came to be.

The Making of the Community-led SS1 Custom Sneaker explores not only the shoe’s design, but also the work that Garrixson Studios put into crafting this high quality shoe. It also, most importantly, goes in depth on the community aspect that led to the shoe’s creation.

You can watch our official review of the SS1 over on YouTube by clicking here.

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