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Sneaker Backstories: Nike Air Huarache ‘Snow Camo/ Back to the Future’

No matter what the age, people are fascinated by stories. Sneaker brands know this and put a lot of effort into nailing colorway stories, as well as the design stories. With that said, here is the first of a few in a video series I call “Sneaker Backstories.”

Today, I go over the design history of the Nike Air Huarache, and the seemingly obscure object that designer Tinker Hatfield drew inspiration from.

Further, I talk about the specific ‘Snow Camo’ colorway and where the unique print comes from. As will be the trend in the video series, some humor and pop culture references are sprinkled in to spice up the content.

Enjoy the sneaker backstory video and comments are always appreciated.

  1. Hey Nightwingnthis is very off topic but I wanted to buy the Jordan 13 lows that come out on June 13th. But I have never bought a retro before. How quickly do they sell out. Will I have to go in the morning

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