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Shooters Revolution Evo One | Product Review

The Shooters Revolution Evo One is meant to serve as a revolutionary training basketball to improve shooting techniques.

The Pros

  • Regulation Size & Weight
  • Great Leather Composition Cover

The Cons

  • Dead Spot Where Sensor Goes, Not Ideal for Dribbling
  • Inconsistent Sound/ Tech While Shooting
  • Promotes Bad Habits that Goes Against a Quick/ Fast Catch & Shoot Release

If they could revamp the tech a bit so that the device will make the sound no matter how the ball was caught and then shot would be the biggest improvement. Along with that… the sensor was very inconsistent when it came to its beeping sound which essentially made the ball useless and I would have been better off with a normal ball altogether.

Its definitely not perfect but it was a really interesting device. I hope that this is just the beginning and that they are able to take the sensor and tweak the tech to be a little more efficient when it comes to training.

You can find out more information on the Shooters Revolution Evo One on their site, ShootersRev.com, and you can also purchase one if you’d like to try the ball out for yourself.


  1. it was making that sound more when passing it. not sure how this would help a shooter even if it was working properly. thansks for the interesting review.

    1. I have and I really like the idea but I’d much rather it track in-game stats vs training stats. In-game situations put what you practice to the true test. I could knock down 3’s all day when I’m alone but knocking them down in a game with pressure is where it really matters.

      1. True, but not everyone can knock down shots from any position on the court. 🙂

        Also, we chatted via Twitter, but in-game tracking would probably be much more challenging to implement. Don’t forget that the Hoop Tracker requires a device magnetically mounted to the inside of the hoop to track shots. I think with multiple players on the floor, it would be way too difficult to track individual shooting.

        P.S. I have zero to do with Hoop Tracker other than being a backer on Kickstarter. I think it’d be cool if you posted an updated about Hoop Tracker on the site – or at least post something about their Kickstarter for any readers that might be interested. 🙂

  2. Hey NightWing,

    I posted a link to your review on the ShootersRev Facebook page. Those guys responded pretty quickly and said, “…no need to worry or have any concerns. We appreciate Nightwing’s comments as he has given us great insight on our product. However, during our Kickstarter project we were a little hesitant to offer a BETA option for the fact that people may get it confused with the final retail version of the product. We wanted the BETA option to be sort of a souvenir and/or a cool way to thank those backers who paid more money to receive a ball early. Nightwing was a BETA backer and BETA simply means the first ever sample run the manufacture makes to test and tweak before the final product run is made. The problems addressed were issues we have known about and have made the necessary adjustments. In all, we truly appreciate everyone’s support starting with our Kickstarter project and now with all of our customers. We thank you all!”

    Have they reached out to you about the review? No idea whether they plan to ship a production unit to all beta backers, but I just asked them via Facebook. What are your thoughts based on their statement?

    1. That is the first I’ve heard of it. Had I known the ball I’d be paying for would have been a non-functional souvenir then I would not have purchased it. The ball came with nothing that state it wasn’t the full product… it literally had instructions on how to use it and the card it came with said to take it out and start playing with it. I believe the description for the category that I pledged said that we would be the first to get the ball and thus the first to try it out.

      And no, they have never reached out to me since the review. I’ve only seen them reach out to others for product placement for a review but nothing was directed toward me at all.

      1. Ouch! Not good. I’m a backer as well, but didn’t go with the beta testing model, though I wanted to. I just checked Facebook and Shooters Rev have not responded to my questions regarding the beta backers and whether they’d be getting an updated ball and/or electronics. Frankly, that’s the least they could do. Furthermore, they should have reached out to you having seen that review to explain the situation. Just based on informally observing my son and his friends, you’re pretty influential and this site gets a lot of readers. It’d be in Shooters Rev’s best interest to address your concerns as quickly as possible!

  3. NIGHTWING, Can you please make a performance review of Shotloc… THANKS!! BTW I love your videos=)))

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