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Shoe Palace x Timberland Wheat/ Red 6 Inch Boot

The Timberland Wheat 6-Inch Boot is a classic choice for the Winter season. Keeping with the classic styling Shoe Palace and Timberland choose to create a simple exclusive that gives the boot a homage to the retailer’s Bay Area home.

The boot updates the six-inch style with classic wheat nubuck premium leather, red padded collar and gold Timberland badge. These colors represent the pride of the Northern California community that Shoe Palace calls home. The boot maintains it’s superior rugged look that has keeps it a favorite during this time year and still has modern style to stand out from the original.

The SP x Timberland “City By The Bay” six-inch boot will be available in family sizes. It will be sold exclusively at all Shoe Palace locations beginning tomorrow and available now on ShoePalace.com.

Shoe Palace x Timberland 6 Inch Boot 1

Shoe Palace x Timberland 6 Inch Boot 2

Shoe Palace x Timberland 6 Inch Boot 3

Shoe Palace x Timberland 6 Inch Boot 4

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