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Rita Ora Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Complex goes sneaker shopping with Rita Ora, and she knows her sh*t.

It’s no surprise that Rita Ora likes shoes. She was originally known for rocking Jordans while performing and then signed to adidas shortly thereafter. What is surprising is that Rita actually knows her kicks.

On working at European sneaker boutique Size?:

“It was always fun. I worked there when I was 15,16, 17. I hooked my friends up. My girls ended up working there, and we would play our jams. I’d start adlibing and singing. The boys would come to talk to us, because we were, like, the shit. We were the girls from the area who knew about sneakers. We were the tomboy girls who were cute.”

It’s one thing to wear Js but it’s another thing when you know the history behind the shoe. Not only does Ora enjoy the Air Jordan signature line, but she fondly remembers things from her past that coincide with certain releases — something we can relate to. The AJ13 and AJ1 are two of her all-time favorites, and I’ve gotta say, she has great taste as those are two of my favorites as well.

On loving Air Jordans growing up:
“I’ve got a garage full of all my Jordans. My 1s. My obsession with XIIIs. I know everything about them, when they first came out in 1998. I remember seeing them and being like, “Oh my god. What are those? Like, ‘What are thoooooose?’ But, like, not in a bad ‘what are those?’ more in like a, ‘What are thooooooooooose? I need to find them!’ I didn’t have the money to pay for them. So every time I’d get paid from retail, I’d waste it on one pair of trainers. “
Check out the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping featuring recording artist Rita Ora below and let us know if you’re a sneakerhead from across the pond. If so, share a story on your first or most coveted trainer.

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