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Rigorer War Ender Performance Review

Rigorer War Ender

The Rigorer War Ender is a good shoe with inconsistent traction. That’s the biggest con that’s holding the War Ender back from being a beast on the court.

Release Date: 2022

Price: $149

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Most of you probably haven’t even heard of Rigorer. Although it was established in 2014, its popularity hasn’t exactly soared to the heights of more prominent, more established brands like Nike, adidas, New Balance, and Under Armour. Familiar names that wear this brand are BYU legend Jimmer Fredette and current Los Angeles Laker Austin Reaves.

To be honest, the Rigorer War Ender is currently the only shoe in the Rigorer lineup worth anyone’s time and money. The other models don’t have much going for them.

The War Ender is packed with all the tech Rigorer has to offer, including Air Sac. They even sent us a ball of the stuff to show how bouncy it is. The support features are top-notch, with carbon fiber integrated within the shoe. We hope Rigorer will take what works and keep improving on its current models because they’ve got good potential.


The upper consists of a heavily-padded ripstop material. It’s similar to the Li-Ning Way of Wade 9 Infinity and is entirely synthetic. You might think this makes for a sock-like feel, but that’s only true for the forefoot. Because it’s textile, there’s virtually no break-in period, and it’s durable enough for outdoor play.


My favorite support feature is the dedicated Achilles pillow, although it could have been better with a softer material. A substantial near-full-length carbon fiber shank plate ensures you don’t awkwardly twist the shoe. Personally, it was a bit too stiff for me, but that’s just preference. If you like a more rigid shoe, this one should be right up your alley.


The traction on the Rigorer War Ender was inconsistent. When it did work, though, it worked well. I found that the bite was better outdoors than it was indoors. The grooves are shallow, so their durability is not a guarantee. On wooden indoor courts, the rubber compound attracted a lot of dust, and I often had to wipe my shoes. There are solid rubber options if you prefer that.


I went up a full size, and it still felt tight, especially in the midfoot area. While my ankle braces fit, it wasn’t the most comfortable experience. Wide-footers will have more difficulty getting their correct size in these because they will have to over-compensate for the narrow width. If you want shoes that are sure to cater to your wide feet, check out our Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet list.


On top of the shank plate is Rigorer’s own version of adidas’ Boost called Air Sac. It’s on the firmer side, though I didn’t find my feet hurting even after two to three-hour sessions. Cushion systems like these are almost standard for most brands, and this one isn’t the best iteration.

Rigorer War Ender Summary

The Rigorer War Ender is a solid sneaker for outdoor hoopers. Those who play indoors more often will want to look elsewhere because of the traction. The performance in that department is too inconsistent for this to be a good option indoors. The rest of the shoe, however, works well together to give the wearer a solid experience. And make sure to get your correct size so nothing, especially support, is compromised. Overall, better basketball shoes are out there, even for outdoor play.

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How to Buy the Rigorer War Ender

The Rigorer War Ender is available now in two colorways at Rigorer.

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