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Rexy Socks Review

Rexy Socks makes socks with space age looks and a honeycombed silicone arch support pad. They’re different than anything else in my sock drawer. Because they’re so different, I jumped at the chance to see how they performed. They’re meant for arch support (obviously), to help out people that are always on their feet, and to mitigate plantar fasciitis.

I tested Rexy Socks while running, walking, and doing metcon-style workouts. Unfortunately, due to current quarantine conditions (damn you Covid-19!), I didn’t get to test them for basketball. I’ll update the review whenever basketball testing becomes possible again ?.

Rexy sent over the Balance Sneaker Low Cut Sock and the Straight Aqua Mid Sock so my review is based on those models. Rexy has other heights/types but these two models should be fairly indicative of performance across the Rexy Socks line.

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Rexy Socks Pros

  • Arch support. Using honeycombed silicone is an ingenious way to create arch support. It’s supportive, yet squishy like zoom air. Your arch is not immobilized like it is with insoles that use TPU or carbon fiber arch plates. You retain your natural range of motion with an added bit of pillowy cushion reinforcing your arch and evenly distributing your weight. Even though I was initially worried about blisters, the silicon pillow didn’t create any hotspots during running, jumping, or high intensity workouts.
  • Breathability. The material on the top of each sock is mesh-like and a different thickness than the more cushioned bottom side. The airflow through the top of the sock is a nice surprise.
  • Non-slip grip. Thin silicon hexagons (or other patterns depending on the model) are placed at the heel and forefoot, along with some silicon wording on the lateral side of the foot, to keep you from sliding. It’s similar, but more low profile, than the material on the bottoms of socks provided at trampoline gyms. I tried Rexy socks in the widest shoes I own (I usually ping pong between the sidewalls) and on slick flooring. The non-slip grip did its job. I stayed in place at all times without any slippage or instability.
Rexy Socks Cons

Rexy Socks Cons

  • Thickness. Rexys are thinner socks that do a great job with breathability and water diffusion (i.e. encouraging your sweat to dry) but they don’t offer a thicker option. You won’t be wearing these in winter and some narrow-footed people will miss that extra material filling up their shoes. If you’d like a thicker sock, check out our Strideline review.
  • Prominent branding. All but one of the 7 available socks have “REXY” written in big capital letters on the front or back collar in contrasting colors. Now, I’ll occasionally tolerate a visible logo on my socks, but still try to avoid them. I dislike words on my socks. It just looks ugly and clashes with the true star of footwear show, my shoes. You may not care as much as me, but it’s worth mentioning for those of us that do.
  • No targeted heel or forefoot cushion. Old school Nike Elites (RIP) and brands like Strideline reinforce the heel and forefoot with extra material for cushioning and durability. Rexy does reinforce the whole bottom of the sock’s sole, but not in a substantial way. I prefer that extra bit of cushion. I also know many people that prefer less material under foot. If that’s your preference, you’re in the right place.
Rexy Socks Overall


Rexy Socks set out to provide highly functional arch fortification in a sock and they nailed it. They also created a super comfortable version of arch support. It’s easy to recommend these socks to people looking for something new and different to comfortably brace their arches. That Rexys are breathable and non-slip is just a little something extra. Sure, there are drawbacks, but if arch support is your #1 need, trying Rexy Socks should be on your list.

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