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Revisiting the Nike LeBron 11 | Retro Performance Review

With the Nike LeBron 16’s recent release we’ve decided to take a look back at one of LeBron’s most popular models: the Nike LeBron 11.

Nike LeBron 11 Performance Review

Buy Nike LeBron 11

The reception was quite warm when we published a retro review on the Nike KD 5 so it was only right that we look back at one of the more popular models within the LeBron signature series.

Retail price on the LeBron 11 was extremely high, and while we (rightfully) complain about $185 for the LeBron 16, at least they shoe is no longer $200 or more. While you can now grab the LeBron 11 for bargain prices if you search, when it first released the shoe set you back a good chunk of change. And let’s not get started on the Elite version; that was a shoe that retailed for even more without offering much in return.

Overall, the LeBron 11 is still a fun shoe to play in if you don’t mind the stiff upper until its broken in. Its cushion is as amazing as ever and is the main reason why I’d still recommend purchasing a pair for the right price.

We hope you enjoyed revisiting the Nike LeBron 11 with us. Hopefully, we can do this again in the near future on another performance classic.

  1. In theory, this could have been the perfect shoe – next level cushioning, targeted foamposite support with fush and mesh to keep it light and cushy, and a lower cut for manoeuvrability. And it still looks awesome, like something Tony Stark would design.

    But, my god, the fit is just a mess. Every once in awhile I get seduced to play in them again but my torn up, blistered feet remind me why I stopped.

  2. If you’re “FAT” I don’t even want to know what the hell I am.

    One of my all time favorites. Possibly my all time favorite cushion. Glad I stocked up on multiple pairs back in the day (5 different colorways to be exact). They are built like tanks. I wore my Dunkman colorway a ton outdoors and they still look fairly new.

  3. I have the south beach , gamma blue, and fourth of july cws. The 11s truly are an amazing shoe. The fit has been next to perfect (for me) and the cushion is unreal. Great performance pick

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