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Reebok Shaq Attaq 2013 Retro Review

In case you guys wanted a detailed look at the recently released Reebok Shaq Attaq – here you go.

I think they are very nice quality wise. Tech wise, they were not quite worth $160 but I love the look and nostalgia that comes along with these so I had to get a pair to rock. No, I will not be playing in these for a Performance Review… maybe if they release other colorways that aren’t so hard to obtain – its pointless to performance test something that not everyone can buy and play in – then I’d consider it.

Until then, hit the jump for a semi-quick review along with an on-foot look.

  1. I’m guessing performance reviews are taking a backseat to these? 🙂 I know the league is over but… 🙂 did it end with the Jordan 14? Where is the adidas crazy quick? That should have been first priority. Are we now becoming a marketing site and not a performance review site? That’s what made you unique.

    1. If you watched his Performance topic #4, you would know that he takes breaks after a string of reviews to take the load off his legs for a bit. He’s not as young as some of us (no offense NW) so he has to take care of himself. Stop thinking that you’re entitled to a performance review everytime you visit the site, because he has a personal life too

  2. These were the first to feature carbon fiber?!? What? Wow! I always thought Nike was the leader in every kind of sneaker tech. Cool vid. Great work, NW. I just don’t get how Shaq and AI signed with Reebok instead of Nike.

      1. I agree that there great shoes outside of Nike, NW’s reviews have proven that. I just feel like Nike’s innovation is light years ahead of the competition. The Jordan line is still leading the way. Nike Basketball is doing the same with the Kobe, Lebron, and KD lines. They are forcing brands like Adidas and UA to step up their games. I’m actually a big fan of Asics running shoes. I wish they would get back into basketball.

  3. I think these are the most anticipated model of 2013. The biggest drawback again for a retro version is the price. Come on, lets be reasonable!

  4. Why did shaq and AI signed with reebok? Simple, reebok is at its peak at that time, they have the money to pay the basketball stars at that time then… plus of course, nike isnt always number 1, it is only lately that they grab the limelight from vintage greats like converse, adidas, reebok, etc, etc….

  5. These are the most anticipated retro of 2013. Yet, a major drawback is the price of 160$ which is again unreasonably very high for a retro model!

  6. Does the pump even work on these? I’ve seen pictures of the OG shaq attaqs and they have a little black button on corner of the tongue for the air release, these don’t seem to have it.

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