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Reebok Question Release Info

The last time the Reebok Question re-released was back in 2009 – if I’m not mistaken. They sat on shelves and I scooped up a pair of White/ Red Questions for $34… not bad if I do say so myself…

Later on this month Reebok plans to reissue the Question once again but this time they will feature the OG leather toe… which I personally love. They’re said the drop in very limited numbers on May 25th & retail price is currently unknown but they used to always be priced at $100.

I will try to obtain a pair, anyone else planning on grabbing them?

Also… remember this?

        1. Below I have replied with some info on what I had experienced in the Reeboks. Overall not a good shoe esp from a cushion standpoint. There is a reason why they are so cheap now and its not because they are from Reebok.

  1. @danimal
    Here is review by black lotus:

    The Lotus’s review are sometimes more open ended but it gives you feel on the shoe itself.

    Remember …each person’s foot and how they play differs…seems like it didn’t work out for NW2303 and his style of slash and dash

    @nightwing2303…when are you going do a review on Under Armour Bloodlines…

    “Hey Porkchop..how many times I have to tell you…I don’t like Jennings..he is worse ball hog than Kobe”…

    1. Hahaha! I havent gotten a pair of the UA Bloodlines but I will either get those or the next installment of Jennings shoes since its a little late.

      The Reebok ZigEncores kept up with me for the most part, traction isnt great on the translucent pairs, but it was the lack of cushion that killed my feet and legs. You have a plastic foot bed above the ZigTech and the foam used for the midsole was rock hard and didnt offer any ‘rebound’ effect as the brand claimed. As for the Black Lotus reviews, I’ve only read a couple of their posts and it didnt offer me much of any performance info just a bunch of breakdowns on materials and fit and so on which I didnt find to be helpful.

  2. I’m gonna grab a pair if they release those here. Those were the days when reebok was a relevant shoe for playing hoops. I hope they release the Kamikaze II as well. lol

  3. I’m a Rockets fan. If they bring back Yao Ming’s shoes and I’ll buy another Reebok again.

  4. Reebok should bring back the 90’s shoes: Shaqnosis, Kamikazes, and Blasts.
    I don’t wear any Reebok Kicks but its seems Hexalite is a lot better cushioning than ZigTech.

  5. I still have my ’09 retros on ice, but lately I’ve been curious as to how they’d perform on court. Not sure if you ever played in yours, but do you have any tblighted on how they’d do?

  6. yes after u grab them do performance review even though i requested like a long time ago lol

  7. will they be released in retail stores or online? i hate online shopping haha the only iverson shoes i have are the answer dmx iii in black and white and the answer vi in white and red. ive been waiting for these shoes to come out haha

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