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Reebok Question ‘The Pump’

The Reebok Question looks like it’ll be getting its own little hybrid mash-up with some classic Reebok tech, The Pump.

Most know – if you don’t then now you do – that the Reebok Question is one of my favorite models of all time but I admit that the fit/ lockdown of the shoe needed improvement. This addition of The Pump is the solution to the problem, in my opinion. If these make it to retail then I’ll likely grab a pair just to compare them with the OG on-court.

Take a look at the hybrid below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 1

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 2

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 3

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 4

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 5

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 6

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 7

Reebok Question 'The Pump' 8


  1. I only ever wear questions outdoors due to poor indoor traction or casually.
    Basically once some questions are mildly beat they get put on the street.
    Id buy this colorway without the pump in a second. That pump kills their casual appeal for me and I wouldn’t drop the cash just for outdoor usage. So so close

  2. Something about the design of the question makes my ankles feel safer than almost any shoe…. despite the iffy fit at times.
    Maybe its my foot shape or a combo of the ankle padding and high wrapping midsole in the heel on the lateral and medial but ive always felt good in them

    1. Great kick, Great CW. A.I a all time great, who did it his way. The Question and Answer speak volumes about balling off court on court, styles.. nice shoes i gave a 8.5 out of ten Ventalation is not as high on my scale as it’s a modern shoe addition.

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