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Reebok Q96

If you thought the Reebok Pump Revenge was bad then you haven’t seen anything yet.

There is nothing wrong with the Reebok Question, its my favorite shoe of all-time… so why is there a need for this? You remove the Hexalite (from what we can see at least) and replace it with DMX Foam… I thought we learned that lesson with the Reebok Answer IV Retro.

I’m left speechless… Iverson still breaks ankles in the Reebok Question to this day… why change a classic like this?

Reebok Q96 1

Reebok Q96 2


Via SN

  1. If it has another name everyone will like it. From the looks of it, it has good tech. Reebok shoes are quite cheap compared to Nike. If priced right, I would cop it.
    I’m just speaking objectively.

  2. So is Reebok about to start making basketball sneakers again? I agree with EM, they should change the name. But I kinda like the shoe.

  3. C’mon Nightwing!!! Their performance division is dying. They want to ride on people’s nostagia to sell their products. Let it go…..It hurts at first, but time will ease the pain. Let it go……

    1. lolololololol I felt the same way after they desecrated my all-time favorite (AJ8) and they made the 8.0. Don’t worry, it will only hurt for a couple weeks.

  4. They just raped the question, by doing this it has become the “problem”. Guess they just need to screw over your 98 zoom flights and your childhood images are forever ruined.

    I wish I never looked at these. /cries

    1. it’s not like other brands aren’t doing it either. No need to explain adidas.
      Jordan Brand has been doing it for a while.
      They got the True Flight (AJ7), the .0 series, the Alpha 1 (AJ1), the Flight Club 91 (AJ6)….
      But who said it was a bad idea?
      It’s just like playing with the original design, but cheaper and more easily available.

  5. Hey if Reebok wants to come back to being among the most sought after brands for basketball, they have to do something rather than just sticking with the retros. They have to start somewhere even if it gathers negative criticism at first. At least Reebok is trying to catch up.

  6. The lacing system looks promising tho. Could be a kinda dynamic fit thing. I do agree tying it in with the question. Is a bad idea.

  7. The black version is dope. They should give it a different name so peoples panties dont get all bunched up though. it look’s like Adidas and iverson Just had a baby. hahah

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