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Reebok Q96 White/ Royal

My initial reaction to the Reebok Q96 wasn’t a pleasant one – being a huge Reebok Question fan – but after seeing this throwback colorway… I think I like what I see.

The original images – seen here – were just overall bad photos and most importantly… bad colorways. Horrible colorways to be perfectly honest. However, this throwback look is something that not only looks more appealing but it looks like more of an actual update or upgrade to the shoe vs a redesign. I’m still not sold on the usage of DMX foam as the cushion source… I hope is more forgiving than the DMX foam they used on the Answer IV Retro.

With this new look… what do you think of the upcoming Reebok Q96? They could have potential if they stay away from disgusting colors and patterns.

Reebok Q96 White Royal


Via Nick Engvall & Kustoo

  1. dude is the pic is wearing his older brother’s shoes lolololol
    all joked aside, this is a shoe that will be saved solely on colorways. Stick with the classic colors and it’s all good.

  2. Same lacing system but just mesh and less cushion = I don’t see any improvements. Looks are ok but it bothers me that reebok doesn’t make and new basketball shoes. It was a complete fail with the zigtech series and I guess that’s why they aren’t creative anymore. They went from innovative with hexalite and dmx to just relying on retros. I was born on 2000 but I still don’t like seeing companies go downhill like this.

    1. Have faith, young one. We wont know for sure until we play in them. The fit could have been greatly improved, the lacing system looks very similar but it is different – this is closer to Dynamic Fit than the basic eyelet setup of the originals – and traction is likely improved over the originals as well. Cushion is my one concern but again, wont know until we try it.

  3. These look like the Reebok Question mix with the Air Jordan 11, and Air Jordan Superfly 2. I.m 11 but I’m seriously into retros, I tried to get the original Question in the Pearlized Blue color way but it got all sold out, now is my chance

  4. the shoe has a ton of potential. sadly we know none of that will be realized bc this is reebok, they cut corners on everything. performance tech will be completely disregarded in the name of profit

  5. Does anybody know if the DMX technology used on this model will be the original version or a cheap imitation like they used on the re-release of
    the Answers. I was so excited they released the answers that I purchased a pair, only to find out the DMX was fake. I dont purchase basketball shoes just for show. It would be nice for shoe companies to actually have performance in mind during the design process. Just a thought.

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