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Reebok Pump Revenge 2014

When Swizz Beatz first took over Reebok, he produced and released some of the worst shoes in Reebok’s history that were known as ‘Remix’ versions of once popular original Reebok Classics models… and he plans on doing it again.

The Reebok Pump Revenge takes inspiration from the Reebok Shaq Attaq and is updated with modern features for today’s game. I’ll be the first to say… this is a bad idea. There are still Reebok ‘Kamikaze’ Remix sneakers available at Ross and they’ve been there for over a year for under $30. If you ask me, you can play in the Reebok Shaq Attack as they are now. Good materials, comfortable foam cushion, Carbon Fiber and a Pump… why the heck would you even consider wasting resources on this nonsense?!?

Maybe they know something that I don’t. Look for these to be made available sometime in 2014.

Reebok Pump Revenge 2014


Via SN

  1. The 3D fuse frame will allow you to play on “another level”.
    Honestly, I didn’t know reebok still did basketball shoes outside of retro. Far as the remix shoes, I’m glad I was out of the game for that time, because this is just ass.

    If they sale 100 world wide I’d be impressed. It’s time they pack it in, they are done. It’s Nike, Adidas, and UA. Just a shame to see how far they have fallen. The good news is the only way to go is up.(Eventually).

  2. Aw cmon guys, give Reebok a chance. Looks like this time, the “remix” series would actually look viable on-court. The first time, I think they just remixed for “swag”… Anyways… Does anyone see how massive that outrigger looks?!?! I’m probably one of the few people who are excited over these. Lateral stability is one of my top attributes when looking for a game shoe. I’m actually a fan of DMX foam as well, so I might like the cushion on these and the Q96. I’m just speaking objectively. I know they ruined a bunch of classics, but me personally, these don’t look TOO bad aesthetically and performance-wise. As soon as a release date is set, I’ll start saving up for em.

  3. These will also end up at ROSS or at the back rack of Famous Footwear then we can get them for $40

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